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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Open up About Their Son’s Emergency C-Section Delivery

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Open up About Their Son’s Emergency C-Section Delivery

It doesn’t matter if you’re wealthy and famous, anyone’s all natural, well-thought-out birth plan can be thrown out the window at a moment’s notice. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have opened up about the details of Jessica’s emergency caesarian delivery of their son, Silas, in April 2015, showing that no matter how prepared you think you are, things can change in a heartbeat.

In an excerpt from Hollywood nanny Connie Simpson’s new book “The Nanny Connie Way: Secrets to Mastering the First Four Months of Parenthood” published by Entertainment Tonight, the couple share their story, describing their original birth plan as “anything but normal.”

“We had two midwives, one doula, one meditation birthing class, a ton of hippie baby books, and a lovely home in the Hollywood Hills that we had turned into a labour training facility that we called The Octagon. So, not exactly normal,” they shared.

Their plans for a “serene, natural childbirth” fell apart when Biel was transferred to a hospital to have an emergency C-section.

“When all our plans fell apart and the serene, natural childbirth we had envisioned ended with a transfer to the hospital and an emergency C-section, we arrived home exhausted, disillusioned, and totally in shock. I was obsessed with everything organic, toxin-free, natural, and homeopathic for our kid, who came into this world in an operating room through an incision. I was a dictator, making myself and my husband insane!”

Jessica, 36, married Justin, 37, in 2012. Their little boy turns three next week.

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While it is a good idea to draft a birth plan, complete with details outlining pain relief, labour positions, birth partners and such, be prepared to ditch it entirely if need be. The most important thing is the health and well-being of both mum and bub at the end of the day.


Image Source: Instagram/Jessica Biel


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