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Pippa Middleton’s Rocking Royal Gun Salute

If you have been living under a rock this past week, you may have missed the much publicised wedding of Duchess Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton. She married a banker and while I’m sure they’ll live happily ever after in a story book ending, that’s not what piqued my interest about the whole affair.


While everyone was busy comparing the two sisters, contemplating which dress was better, all I could focus on was Pippa’s amazing royal arm gains. She looked like a super hero. A chic bad ass who’d make you tea, but put you in a choker hold if you spill any on the carpet.

The dress was beautiful, stunning even, the bride was glowing, but to be honest those guns stole the show. Those defined arms and shoulders prove Pippa is no stranger to pull ups or lifting weights. I half expected to see her carry her father down the aisle over and above her head. Purely because she could.


Pippa is apparently a huge fan of the SirtFood Diet. The premise of the plan is “simple”—incorporate these foods into your diet and they will spark the body’s ability to burn fat and your metabolism to ramp up.

The diet highlights 20 SirtFoods, including arugula, red wine, cocoa, coffee, kale strawberries and walnuts, which, when consumed in the right quantity and form, can lead to pounds shed and more energy.

Vino for the win!

She’s also a fitness guru. Pippa cycles, runs, does pilates, yoga, hikes, and has been known to bench press her banker husband on day’s she can’t get to the gym.

Four tips from the horses mouth, on how to achieve that stronger shoulder look:

10 Week Tone Up With Pippa Middleton:

Stronger shoulders

For toned and defined shoulders try these yoga-inspired poses 

Plank to dolphin

Plank to dolphin

Works upper body and core
Begin in a plank position with your weight on your forearms. Press your hips and shoulders back toward your feet, lifting your bottom into the air and upper arms extended. Pause and drive back into the plank position. Repeat 10-15 times.

Down dog push-ups

Down dog push-ups

Strengthens triceps
 and shoulders

Start in a push-up position with hands wider than shoulder- width apart and draw your 
hips towards the ceiling. 
Lower your head towards 
the ground. When it nearly touches the ground, squeeze your shoulder muscles to
 push back up to the start.

Use your arms

Eagle stretch

Stretches shoulders
 and upper back
Start standing and bend your knees. Lift your left leg up
 and around your standing leg, hooking your foot behind the calf. Squat down. Cross your arms at the elbows and hold 
in front of the chest. Raise the arms up to increase the stretch. Pause for 45-60 seconds.


Now if Pippa’s arms really aren’t your thing and you think you’ve just wasted time reading this article, I leave you with this classic image.  Just an ordinary mum, could be any of us really, trying her best to make sure her kids don’t act like assholes at a super important function.

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