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The Rock Still Can’t Convince His Daughter That He Is Actually Maui From “Moana”

The Rock Still Can’t Convince His Daughter That He Is Actually Maui From “Moana”

Little girls often look up to their daddies as though they hung the moon themselves. The love and admiration in their eyes form a bond that is hard to break, coining such phrases as “daddy’s little girl” and “she’s got her daddy wrapped around her little finger”. The Rock’s daughter obviously adores her father too but refuses to believe that he is actually one of her heroes.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has three gorgeous daughters and his youngest Tia still cannot be convinced that her father is actually Maui from her favourite movie “Moana”. She just flat out refuses to believe him when he tells her that he is Maui. And it’s just so adorable we can’t help but be absolutely smitten by the pair of them.

Back in April, The Rock shared this sweet video to his Instagram account trying to convince Tia that he was the popular shape-shifting Polynesian demigod from her favourite movie.

He gave it another attempt in May…

With two-year-old Tia remaining firmly in denial, the superstar father recently gave it another go.

We’re not sure if little Tia will ever truly believe that her father is a demigod (in many aspects) but we sure are enjoying his attempts at trying to get the message through!



Source: Instagram/Dwayne Johnson


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