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Growth Mindset Podcasts for the Whole Family

Growth Mindset Podcasts for the Whole Family

With the ever-increasing popularity of podcasts, finding one to listen to, engage with and enjoy can feel overwhelming. We’ve collated a list of podcasts we think will hit the spot for you and your family, that will benefit your lives by being educational, interesting and engaging while also promoting a growth mindset.

Hot tip: if you’re not sure when you and your child can sit down and relax with a podcast, take the opportunity to start an episode while you’re driving!

Podcasts for your children (and maybe even you!):

  1. Peace Out

Imagine you’re struggling to calm down, but there’s a podcast filled with short stories that are there to actively help you calm down and relax by guiding you through visualization and breathing exercises? That’s exactly what Peace Out does! It’s perfect for parents or teachers who want to teach mindfulness and self-regulation.

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  1. Dream Big

Inspiring kids and adults to pursue their passions in life, Dream Big helps you get motived and take action to make your dreams a reality. Sophie and Eva (9 years old) interviews world-class performers who love what they do! These people live their dreams every day, and Eva wants you to feel inspired to do the same. Everyone they interview has a message for you, all you have to do is listen, and to names like Kobe Bryant, how can you not?

Website Link | Spotify

  1. Brains On!

Brains on is a science podcast that can be enjoyed by both children and adults! The podcast is cohosted by Molly Bloom and a kid co-host who discuss and find the answers to fascinating questions send in by listeners. So if you’ve ever wondered “do dogs know that they’re dogs?” or “why do feet stink?” join Molly and her child co-star and they may have the answer to your burning questions!

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  1. The Big Life Kids Podcast

Helping to develop a growth mindset, teaching children to be resilient, believe in themselves, and to face life’s challenges with confidence, Zara and Leo travel the world discovering living heroes that are making a difference in the world today.

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  1. Short & Curly

Short & Curly is a fast paced, fun filled ethics podcast for kids and their parents. It asks those curly questions that range from colonizing other planets, eating pets all the way back to banning lollies and trusting robots. Their episodes range from “bite size” 5 minute episodes, to longer ones under half an hour. There’s something for everyone, and you know you’re going to come away thinking a bit more about those curly questions yourself!

Although there’s been no new episodes released since December 2022, with 117 previously released episodes, you know your child is going to be laughing, thinking and questions all those curly questions!

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  1. Be Calm On Ahway Island

Teaching the importance of kindness, inclusion, acceptance, empathy, gratitude, curiosity, appreciation, emotional intelligence and self-regulation, the meditations and stories model these values for the children listening and provide everyday examples of solutions to everyday situations that help children grow in confidence and positive behaviours. If you thought it couldn’t sound better, they also teach self-soothing techniques to empower children to manage their own emotions!

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Podcasts for your teenagers:

  1. The Teen Life Coach

Join Sami Halvorsen, the Teen Life Coach, as they discuss numerous topics and challenges that many teen girls continuously face in their lives. Sami hits hard topics, like anxiety, self-confidence, depression and comparing themselves to others. Sami also hits on the lighter subjects, like how you can stop your classmates copying your work, eating right for your body and working on social skills. Sami looks to guide other teens through their life experience and aims to help them develop their confidence and to know that they can face their fears.

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  1. Ted Talks – Kids + Family

Definitely one for the whole family, Ted Talks are here to drop knowledge, inspire those who listen and stir the imagination. With world leaders and thinkers providing short episodes, it’s sure to inspire and bring forth a deep sense of purpose and why in the whole family. There’s so many different topics that are covered in TED Talks, ranging from processing traumatic events, why joy is a state of mind and how you don’t actually know what your future self wants.

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  1. Brainstuff

Science? That’s no problem for Brainstuff! Brainstuff are all about going into all the deep science-y goodness on everyday science in the world around us. It doesn’t matter if it’s how a popcorn pops, or if they delve into particle physics, Brainstuff is releasing consistent episodes to look into and explain all the good stuff.

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  1. Dear Hank & John

You’ve probably heard of John & Hank Green, otherwise, your teen might have! They’re a YouTube and Author duo that are making a huge splash in all things society and culture. They’re here to offer humerous, but heartfelt advice about the bigger and smaller questions of life.

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  1. Part-Time Genius

Join Will and Mago in a whole lot of questions! If you’ve ever wondered “Will we ever live without sleep?” or “How do rats keep outsmarting humans?” Will and Mago are asking it and diving into the (sometimes ridiculous) answers. They’re here to be, as the name suggests, part-time geniuses and they want your teen to join them.

Website Link | Spotify

  1. Mostly Mindful For Teens & Tweens

These episodes are lees podcast, more meditation, mental exercise and breathing exercises to help calm down, boost joy and increase satisfaction with life. They understand that being a teenager is tough, but they’re here to try and make it a little bit easier.

There haven’t been new episodes since May 2021, however these episodes can be listened to many times and allow the opportunity to connect with your thoughts and feelings.

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Podcasts for parents

  1. Motherhood: A Beautiful Nightmare

Tamara Linke and Shanelle Franklin tacking the tough topics of motherhood, but make sure to keep it lighthearted. Shanelle and Tamara delve into the chaos of having kids, the tantrums, having a career, sleepless nights, relationships and self-preservation through their own personal stories and experiences. They have recently introduced shorter episodes, called “Titbits” so have episodes ranging from around an hour long, to under 10 minutes. They’re here to show you you’re not going insane, yes… your kid DID actually do that, and that you’re doing an amazing job as a parent.

Website Link | Spotify

  1. Tilt Parenting

Debbie Reber engages in topics and conversations with authors, parenting experts, educators and other parents with the goals to inspire, inform and support you, the listening parents in your everyday life. With a focus around neurodivergent children (ADHD, autism, anxiety and more) you know you’re going to find something that makes you and your family feel empowered to have peace in your daily lives.

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  1. Good Inside with Dr. Becky

Dr Becky is a clinical psychologist and mother of three. Tackling the tough parenting questions and delivering actionable guidance, Dr Becky is here to help and provide you the tools to become the parent you want to be while assisting your child in developing necessary skills to become successful. Get comfortable in discomfort, repair mistakes and make sure you’re always looking at the positives (there’s always some good inside!)

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  1. Big Life with Alexandra Eidens

Alexandra Eidens is here to help you retrain your brain. Rewire your thinking and get you ready for the abundance, success, gratitude and joy you deserve. These steps to success and positive life affirmations are here to be listened to daily and are a key in helping remove the limiting beliefs that are restricting your life. The best part is that these episodes are very short (usually under 10 minutes)! You can listen to them before bed, while making a cup of tea, or even

Alexandra is the founder of Big Life Journal (an award winning company helping everyone grow their confidence and their growth mindsets).

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  1. Raising Lifelong Learners

Raising lifelong learners is here to help parents encourage their children to learn, explore passions, cultivate creativity and become fascinated in the world around them. Colleen Kessler is here to give you tips and encouragement to help your children become lifelong learners. To create them into children who know they can find the answers to all of their burning questions as long as they can view the world with play, passion and fascination.

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  1. Spawned

Kristen and Liz are parents to six kids between them They have a world of knowledge, a microphone and a platform to share the parenting culture discussions, non-judgy tips and top it all off with a heap of coffee… I mean, humour. (But coffee also). New episodes released fairly consistently means you can join them on their parenting journey.

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We hope you’ve found a podcast (or 6) that you think are right up you and your families alley! There’s definitely a whole lot more out there, so if these are good ideas, but not quite the ones for you, we encourage you to dive into the depths and find one that’s a perfect match. With so many out there, we’re certain there’s a podcast out there for everyone.

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