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Is This the World’s Worst Baby Name? (We Think It Might Be!)

We’ve seen a lot of baby names over the years that could be described as perhaps a poor choice. From the mother who named her babies after heavy metal bands, to the woman who named her daughter after her favourite pregnancy snack, there are plenty of unique names out there.

But it’s time to call off the search. Pack it up, boys. We’ve found the world’s worst baby name. Hands down. There is no contest.

Baby Pheart.

Look, while we can’t 100% be sure that it is pronounced the way we think it is pronounced, parents Petsy and Ruben have a lot to answer for.

The photo was posted to Reddit with the caption: “Little baby fart, such a mischief maker!”

Comments ranged from “phlatulence” jokes to declaring the name the worst that they had ever seen, even worse than the board’s previous record holder “Ratleen”.

“How can someone go through life with a name like that (Petsy) and still pass that pain on to their own child?” asked someone.

“The Parents, probably – ‘it’s pronounced Heart. The p is silent’,” generously offered another.

“Silent but deadly,” quipped the poster.

Others tried to give the family a little grace, imagining the proper pronunciation as anything but what it looks like.

“Maybe its pronounced “furt” or “fay-art” or even like “fair-t”… horrible spelling for any of those pronunciations,” posed one Redditor.

“I was thinking maybe Pheee-it. Like the car (Fiat),” asked someone else.

“I’m trying to pronounce the ‘r’, but you’re right. It might not even be there. I’m learning toward “ferret” tbh,” wrote a third.

Honestly, these pronunciations aren’t much better.

Unfortunately for baby Pheart, this is very much the poor boy’s real name. It took 23 seconds to verify this information via the hospital’s website.

Poor baby Pheart. School is going to be brutal.


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