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Baby Boy Names You Will LOVE!

Trying to decide on a name for your precious baby boy can be difficult, especially when you and your partner have different tastes!  While some names fluctuate in popularity, over the past few years Australians have been turning towards traditional and classic names for their children with Oliver and Olivia taking top spot as the most popular baby names last year.   To help make your decision that little bit easier, today we’re sharing with you 50 Baby Boy names you will LOVE!

1. Oliver

2. William

3. Jack

4. Noah

5. Jackson

6. Thomas

7. Lucas

8. James

9. Alexander

10. Ethan

11. Liam

12. Lachlan

13. Harrison

14. Mason

15. Samuel

16. Max

17. Cooper

18. Charlie

19. Jacob

20. Henry

21. Hunter

22. Joshua

23. Isaac

24. Benjamin

25. Xavier

26. Oscar

27. Harry

28. Levi

29. Ryan

30. Elijah

31. Hudson

32. Leo

33. Daniel

34. Archie

35. Riley

36. Logan

37. Sebastian

38. Jayden

39. Patrick

40. Archer

41. Tyler

42. George

43. Nate

44. Flynn

45. Blake

46. Aiden

47. Edward

48. Lincoln

49. Eli

50. Michael

What do you think? Is your son’s name on the list?

What is your favourite boys name?


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