Monday 21 September 2020
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A Four Year Old Boy Has Saved His Mum’s Life Thanks To Mobile Phone and Quick Thinking

Camden Vaughan, 4, was home with his baby brother and their mother, Misty who had been ill for a few days. Misty assumed she had the flu, but when she went to take her temperature it was evident there was something seriously wrong. Her temperature was an unbelievable  40.8 degrees. Misty passed out after reading that temperature and that’s when 4-year-old Camden kicked into action!

Camden grabbed his mother’s phone and managed to unlock it, remembering the passcode from when he played games on it. He then found his dad’s number by finding a photo of him in the contact’s list.  He clicked the photo to call and when his father picked up, he told him exactly what was going on at home.

“[He said,] ‘Daddy, you need to come home! Mommy can’t wake up,’” his father, Dr. Jeremy Vaughn said. The dad quickly called 911, then rushed back home.

It seems Misty was having a seizure, the first one ever and that was why her temperature had suddenly spiked. She was rushed to the ER and proceeded to have two more seizures along the way.

Now that she is back home and recovering, Misty is so thankful and grateful for the quick thinking actions of her 4 year old son that saved her life.

“My boys are my world and my gratitude is overwhelming,” she said. “I just keep staring at them amazed at how different things could have really been for me. It’s reminded me to enjoy the day-to-day tasks of motherhood again and not get bogged down with all the details in my life that in the end won’t really matter anyway.”

See the moving video, courtesy of AB news, below:

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