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Does Your Baby Monitor Offer Peace of Mind or Freak You Out?

Some parents swear by a baby monitor and others, like myself, have lived without one quite happily. The first baby monitor we got was a good quality brand, but all it offered was white noise. Our babies slept in our room for the first 6 months before being transferred to their nursery which was on the opposite end of our house. When the monitor didn’t work, we resorted to relying on our ears (and instincts) to hear our girls cry during the night. Usually either my husband or myself would hear them.

baby monitor

Does your baby monitor offer peace of mind or freak you out? One of the mums in our team shared this image of her baby asleep (on the right side, head at foot of the cot) as shown on the monitor, except her baby wasn’t asleep in his bed, but out with his dad. When the monitor was turned on, the screen was frozen on the last image of her baby when he was asleep. She also admitted that sometimes the monitor would play a recording of when her baby last cried, which would freak her out when she would momentarily forget her baby was out and not asleep in his cot.

baby in monitor

After ringing the manufacturer, the monitor has been found to be faulty and will be replaced, but we wanted to ask you if you have had any creepy or freaky experiences with your baby monitor?

What is meant to give reassurance can sometimes give frustration or fear instead, so we want to hear your stories. We’re intrigued to find out if baby monitors really offer peace of mind or are devices that freak you out?


Rebecca Senyard

Rebecca Senyard is a plumber by day and stylist by night but these days she changes more nappies than washers. She is a happily married mum to three young daughters who she styles on a regular basis. Rebecca is not only an award winning plumber, she also writes an award winning blog called The Plumbette where she shares her life experiences as a plumber and mother. Rebecca also blogs at Styled by Bec believing a girl can be both practical and stylish. Links to the blogs are http://www.theplumbette.com.au and http://www.styledbybec.com.au/blog

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