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Medela Recalls Breast Pump Adapter


Medela Recalls Breast Pump Adapter

Makers of Breast Pumps Medela have issued an urgent recall on the Power Adapters today.

“Medela has received isolated reports of the detachable wall plug breaking into two parts, thereby potentially exposing 2 metal terminals.  In the interests of customer safety, Medela has decided to conduct a voluntary recall (by way of provision of a replacement detachable wall plug) for affected detachable wall plugs” they have said on their website. They say that some of the products could easily break, exposing two metal terminals and could infact cause an electric shock.

Not all of the adapters have been recalled and the company are urging anyone whose adapter looks like the one below to immediately stop using it. However, Breast Pumps are not affected and can continue to be used.


Medela 2

Adapter on the left has been recalled

The products that may be affected are; model and serial number can be found on the front of the adapter

  • AC Power Adapter Product Number 099.0273
  • Swing Product Number 030.0040
  • Swing Maxi Product Number 040.0011
  • Swing Essentials Product Number 030.0053
  • Swing Premium Product Number 030.0060
  • Freestyle Product Number 042.0014



Faulty Adapter

If any consumer has one of these products, you are urged to stop using it and contact Medela to organise a replacement of the defected item and a prepaid postage bag to return the old one. Medela Australian Customer service line is open 9am -5pm Monday to Friday 1800787345. You can send an email to info@medela.com.au or visit Medela

Visit Australian competition and consumer commission for up to date information all on products recalled in Australia

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