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Mum Posts Angry Rant About Why People Shouldn’t be Kissing Babies After MIL Gives Her Infant Herpes

Mum Posts Angry Rant About Why People Shouldn’t be Kissing Babies After MIL Gives Her Infant Herpes

An angry mum has posted a furious tirade on social media after her three-week-old baby daughter contracted herpes and ended up in the NICU for 21 days. Creating even more ire in the new mother was the fact that her mother in law was specifically told not to kiss her grandaughter but went ahead and did it anyway, giving her the lifelong virus in the process.

The furious mum writes:

“This is an open letter to my MIL who I am absolutely furious with and her selfish, narcissistic attitude.

“How hard is it to understand the words that I speak when I say “Don’t kiss the baby, Your face is nothing but a walking delivery system of herpes”. Herpes. So don’t kiss the babies. I don’t care if your feelings are hurt. I only care about the well being of my child. So that means you keep your herpes infected face away from her. So please keep running around playing the victim and letting everyone know what a bitch you are. Your own mother is telling you are a selfish bitch for putting your grandchild at risk but still acting like a victim. And you wonder why your son told you that you would never see your grandkids. Because of your selfish needs, a 3 week baby has herpes. Stupid bitch.”

She elaborated to commenters asking for details about her mother-in-law’s actions:

“I didn’t let her hold my child. My husband who can’t seem to get off his mother’s tit did thinking it wouldn’t hurt just the one time. Now our 3 week daughter is in the NICU for 21 days because of his negligence. Yeah, he is in the shit too. I absolutely refuse to talk to him.”

Nothing infuriates new mums more than not being listened to and respected when it comes to rules about their baby. And it seems some grandmothers, who have done it all before with their own children, seem to think that they know best. People went around kissing babies in their day, what’s the harm now?

As hard as it might be to resist, babies shouldn’t be kissed on their faces, heads, hands or feet. Or anywhere, really.

Their immune system is not fully developed yet and there is a real risk of death for babies under four weeks of age.  Herpes simplex virus can cause encephalitis, which is inflammation of the brain tissue. This can cause behavioural changes, drowsiness and seizures, often resulting in death.

Others responding the mum’s post offered their support and concern for her baby.

“Oh hell no. I’d be spitting nails mad.” wrote one mum. “I am so sorry. That is awful; I hope the baby is okay.”

“I’m so sorry. It always perplexes me that some grandparents think they have the right to ignore what a child’s parents say.” added another.

The angry mum revealed that if her husband did not agree to marriage counselling, that divorce was on the cards. Let’s hope their baby recovers quickly and suffers no long lasting effects of the virus.


Source: Mom Confessions



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One thought on “Mum Posts Angry Rant About Why People Shouldn’t be Kissing Babies After MIL Gives Her Infant Herpes

  1. AvatarBlossom

    Did the Dad not understand that he was letting his baby’s life be put at risk and the risk of permanent brain damage?
    Have you discussed the reason for your anger and frustration? I would be furious too.
    I know understand your feelings but if you shut him out and won’t talk to him nothing can be resolved. At least your husband has told his Mum that she will not be allowed to see her grandchildren. That at least is a start of him standing up to his Mum

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