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Powerful Before and After Portraits of Premature Babies Taken by Red Methot

It can be touch and go when a premature baby is born. The babies can face difficult uphill battles to survive outside their mother’s womb. But many premature babies do survive and live healthy, normal lives.

Quebec-based photographer Red Methot has created powerful before and after portraits of premature babies in a feature called Les Premas. The series is a selection of photos of various children and adults holding photos of themselves when they were premature babies.

The machinery and ICU scenery is common in all the premmie photos as the babies are born with undeveloped organs. But this photo series shows the triumph of these premature births – and offers hope to those parents who find themselves in the ICU with the unexpected delivery of their little one.

Zachary, born at 27 weeks

Thomas, born at 23 weeks

Theo born at 25 weeks

Tamica, born at 32 weeks and 26 weeks at the time of this photo.

Noah, born at 32 weeks, in the picture his sister Victoria only lived for 1 month after birth.

Noah and Nathan born at 32 weeks.

Margot, born at 29 weeks.

Lexiani, born at 25 weeks.

Julie, born at 7 months of pregnancy and her son Kevin, born at 34 weeks.

Felix, born at 24 weeks.

Felix, born at 23 weeks and his brother Alexis, born at 33 weeks.

Eva, born at 29 weeks.

Emile, born at 26 weeks.

Charles, born at 26 weeks.

Alice, born at 27 weeks.



Rebecca Senyard

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