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The Most Precious Knitted Gifts For a Baby

The Most Precious Knitted Gifts For a Baby

The Most Precious Knitted Gifts For a Baby

Some of the most precious gifts I received when each of my girls were born were the knitted cardigans, booties and blankets.

I have kept most of the sets that were worn by my girls so I can pass them on when they have their own children later on. Each set holds a memory of when my beautiful girls were so tiny and new to the world. We should cherish the pieces that hold such precious memories.

Many of the pieces have been passed down the generations, with some of the knitted cardigans and booties being worn by myself when I was a baby or by my grandma. There is no way I can part with them, so I have them stored in a container, put away for the next generation.

These pieces are so precious. They are classic knits for baby that will keep baby warm and they can’t be bought in a store.

Knitting and crochet is a bit of a lost art. But there are gorgeous artisans on Etsy who have knit the most beautiful cardigans, booties and beanies for babies. Some can be custom ordered to suit the size of your baby.

If you want to buy a precious and much loved gift for a baby, one of these knitted pieces will be sure to delight.

1. WillownOak White hand knitted Baby Cardigan in Merino Wool $36

white knit baby cardigan

2. LustereLiving Pink Knit Crochet Blanket $89.50

Baby knit rug

3. Honey Star Knits Crystal Mist Hand Knitted Lacey Blue Jacket and Beanie $29.00

blue baby knit set

4. Just 2 Cute Knits Hand Knitted Thomas the Tank Engine Booties $16.00

thomas knit booties

5. Gracefully Made AU Knitted Baby Beanie $15.00

baby pom pom beanies

6. Duck Threads Rosie Romper $53.06

baby knit rompers

7. Babushka Anniya Girl’s Knit Dress $40

pink baby knit dress

8. Nanny Knits Shop Knitted Baby Jacket with Hood $50.00

hoodie knit jumper for baby

9. Precious Identity Precious in pink Hand Knit Set $58.00

pink knit baby set

10. Knitted New Borns Pink Booties $14.00

pink booties


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