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Toddler’s Light up Shoes May Have Caused Car Explosion

When Attila and Jovan Virage found their SUV in flames early on Sunday morning, the couple were in complete shock. The explosion started out of nowhere. But when the mum saw her two-year-old’s shoes on the front seat of the car, she suspected they may have caused the car to explode.

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Jovan told local news, “I saw the shoe on the ground with the wires sticking up and it was a light bulb. I knew immediately that’s what it was.”

Thankfully no one was hurt from the car explosion, but the parents are thankful that the shoes didn’t explode while her son was wearing them.

Jovan believes the lithium battery inside the shoes may have started the fire.

“You don’t think about… a blinky shoe. It’s cool. You don’t think about the risks,” Attila said.

The store that sold the shoes, has removed them from their shelves, despite the fire department still investigating the cause.

Despite the explosion happening in Texas, America, the incident serves to raise awareness about light up shoes and to check what battery is used in the shoes and the correct handling of the shoes when bought for children.

Rebecca Senyard

Rebecca Senyard is a plumber by day and stylist by night but these days she changes more nappies than washers. She is a happily married mum to three young daughters who she styles on a regular basis. Rebecca is not only an award winning plumber, she also writes an award winning blog called The Plumbette where she shares her life experiences as a plumber and mother. Rebecca also blogs at Styled by Bec believing a girl can be both practical and stylish. Links to the blogs are http://www.theplumbette.com.au and http://www.styledbybec.com.au/blog

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