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Toilet Training Boys Hints and Tips

While the most popular time to start toilet training is anywhere between 18 months – 3 years, many parents will notice their little boys are ready to start toilet training a little later than their female counterparts.  It’s important to make sure your son is ready to start toilet training as starting too early will only set you both up for failure. Some signs your little boy is ready to start toilet training include:

  • He knows the difference between wee and poo
  • He asks you to change this soiled nappy
  • He tells you when he is doing a wee or poo
  • He shows an interest when you go to the toilet
  • He can follow simple instructions and can complete basic tasks by himself
  • He can get his pants up and down independently.


Plan some ‘nappy free’ time

There is no better way to help your son identify when he needs to go (and with the added benefit of making it easier!) than having some nappy free time.  Simply sit his potty in an easy accessible place while he plays and keep an eye out along with ask him regularly if he needs to use the potty.  While you need to be prepared for the odd accident, this is a great way to speed up the toilet training process.

Start with sitting

It’s a good idea to start your little boy off on his toilet training journey by sitting on the toilet. Although he may want to stand up ‘like Daddy’ in those early days while he is learning when and how to go, sitting down is going to be the easiest (and cleanest!) way to go.  Once he has mastered knowing when he needs to go as well as whether he needs to do a number one or two you can then introduce him to the standing position.

Make it fun!

In the early days celebrate when he simply sits on the potty and doesn’t even do anything, take him to the shop to choose some special underwear and choose a reward which he enjoys.  If your little man is standing up to do his wee but missing the bowl, you can encourage him to work on his aim by placing a few flushable objects (cereal pieces work well ) or place a couple of ping pong balls in the bowl for him to aim at.


What toilet training boys hints and tips do you have?


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