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This Brilliant Parenting Hack Is Next Level Stuff – Why Didn’t We Think of It?

This Brilliant Parenting Hack Is Next Level Stuff – Why Didn’t We Think of It?

There are literally thousands of parenting hacks on the internet — some of them useless and some of them amazing — and this one is the best one we’ve seen so far!

Elizabeth Rasco, from California, US, shared a series of photos of the trick that enables parents to keep their baby wipes, nappies and a spare vest in one waterproof place.

“So I have to share this really cool diaper bag hack I accidentally discovered. I also dropped a roll of doggie bags in the bottom for dirty diaper and clothes,” the mum posted.

She took an ordinary baby wipes container, added a headband and came up with this masterpiece.

Okay, I know it doesn’t look that amazing, right?

This looks just like a normal container of baby wipes, right?

“Open her up and NOPE! The regular sized wipes are held up there with a headband from the dollar tree. On top there, you see a disposable changing table cover!” explains the genius mum.

“Take a peek under that and you have the diapers and clothes. It’s a little top heavy, so be careful where you leave it open at.”

“There are 5 size 1 diapers and an entire outfit for baby in case of blow out!”, she explains proudly.

 “Unroll them and you have a onesie and a pair of pants! My little one is still in 0-3m, so this won’t work as well when she gets older, but I’m pretty sure it should work for diapers of most sizes for quite a while.”

I wish I was this switched on when my first baby was so young! I was still wandering about in a daze at that point, not coming up with amazing ways to trick out my baby bag!

Elizabeth’s awesome idea has gone viral in the weeks following her Facebook share, with many parents agreeing that her simple hack is pure genius.

“Oh I wish I had done this when my kids were little. That’s a really good idea!”, one mother said.

“This is genius,” another mum wrote. “I’m going to make two, an extra one so I can keep it in the car.”

Another parent commented: “This will come in handy for our flight, it’s a stroke of genius. Thanks for sharing.”

“This would be a great idea for someone that’s having a baby or yourself to keep in the car. I see a lot of possibilities with this even for older kids, emergency snacks things like that,” said another.

What do you think? Would you put one together to keep in your baby bag or in the car for emergencies? 


Source: Facebook


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