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AL-SENSE – The Amniotic Fluid Leak Self-Test Detector Community Review

al-sense amniotic fluid leakage

AL-SENSE – The Amniotic Fluid Leak Self-Test Detector Community Review

You may remember that last month we gave 20 of our readers, in their third trimester of pregnancy, the opportunity to trial and review AL-SENSE panty-liners.

Incase you missed it the first time around, AL-SENSE are the only non-invasive, monitoring test that you can do at home to distinguish between amniotic fluid leakage and urinary incontinence.

Most women experience the natural rupture of the amniotic membrane or ‘water breaking’ spontaneously just before or during labour, however around 1 in 10 of us will have a premature rupture of the membrane or PROM. If this occurs too early in the pregnancy, it can increase the risk of infection for you and your baby as well as put you at risk from premature delivery. Therefore, it is important to see your doctor or midwife immediately if you suspect amniotic fluid leakage.

Having AL-SENSE panty-liners at home at the ready means that you can wear one as soon as possible after you experience the wetness, in the same way you would wear a regular panty-liner. If the panty-liner (which can be worn for up to 12 hours) is stained blue-green (in any size, shape or location on the panty-liner) you may be leaking amniotic fluid and should contact your doctor without delay. If the panty-liner remains yellow, the vaginal wetness was probably not caused by amniotic fluid. If you continue to experience wetness it is advised that you use a new AL-SENSE panty liner and repeat the test or contact your doctor.

You can read more about Al-SENSE™ in the original article here.

amniotic fluid leakage

We asked a group of women mums and pregnant women from our community to talk about AL-SENSE and share their thoughts on it. Watch this video to hear what they had to say.


Community Reviews

20 pregnant women from the Go Ask Mum community, between 30 and 40 weeks gestation, were sent an AL-SENSE 2 pack to try for themselves. Six of the women were pregnant for the first time, whilst fourteen already had one or more children. Of the group, 70% experienced bladder leakage, and 65% noticed increased vaginal wetness during their pregnancy – and 35% had experienced concerns about the premature leakage of their amniotic fluids either during their current pregnancy or a previous one.


Here is what they had to say about their experience with AL-SENSE:


I was very interested to try the product as I thought it was a very smart way of giving you the peace of mind when you do get bladder leakage. Especially with my second child I was thinking the labour would be quicker and was very worried I would miss the signs like my water breaking!

Carmine, SA


I was always worried that the wetness was my water breaking and the pad gave me the peace of mind – otherwise I would have gone to the hospital and embarrassed myself!

Caroline, WA


In my previous pregnancy I thought my waters had broken whilst vaccuming at home. I called my husband to leave work. He had to tell colleagues. We went off to hospital, only to find I pee’d myself. Embarrassing when my husband returned to work the next day.

I was hoping to eliminate this, for my current pregnancy. And one of the days I was wearing the Al-sense pads I had a slight leak and was able to rule out my waters breaking as it didn’t turn blue.

Great product and peace of mind.

Karen, SA


Gives you a sense of comfort to know if it is your waters breaking or just another day being pregnant

Melinda, NZ


They improved my pregnancy experience as because it’s my first, I was able to feel at ease with the increased moisture I experienced. Initially, I was concerned but the liners helped put my mind at ease.

Emma, NSW


I did not use the pads but had peace of mind that I had the pads should I have thought that I needed them. I knew that should I experience one of the symptoms where I thought I may have been leaking amniotic fluid I had an easy to use tool to find out if my suspicions were true.

Jessica, NSW


With my first child I didn’t know that my waters had broke so Al-sense pads put my mind at easy knowing that my waters hadn’t broken yet.

Chantal, VIC

I used the first pad when I thought I was having labour signs and the second one when I thought my waters had broken. It was good having them as it showed me that it was not my waters breaking but just the show. It is definitely a great product for peace of mind especially if you are worried about amniotic fluid leaking.

Renate, NZ

It gave me peace of mind to know I could use the pad if I thought I may be leaking amniotic fluid. The two times I used it confirmed that I wasn’t and I was able to get on with my day without worrying or wasting a trip to hospital.

Stephanie, QLD


It was difficult to work out for sure if it had some blue spots on it. Made me more paranoid, but I might have used them too early.

Ellen, VIC

amniotic fluid detector al-sense

Great peace of mind knowing that if I was leaking I could go to the midwives and let them know. Better than sitting at home worrying or going to hospital for nothing.

Lisa, NSW

I was concerned that my amniotic fluid was leaking on two different occasions but when I used the Al-Sense pad I had the peace of mind in knowing that it was not.

Caren, NSW


My waters broke and I used it to be 100% sure they had broken even though I did have a gush. I would prefer if the colour change was a little more obvious.

Katrina, VIC


It was good to have the Al-Sense pads on hand for reassurance that those extra secretions that occur were normal and not in fact a membranes leak. I felt comfortable wearing the pads and felt it removed unnecessary worry and anxiety from everyday situations.

Kara, QLD


Wearing al sense pads was a reassurance or just in case. I felt more confident that the normal pregnancy discharge/ urinary leakage was just that and not broken membranes.

Chantelle, NSW


I didn’t experience bladder leakage but thought these might be handy if my waters did break and i may not have noticed.

Rebecca, NSW


They just felt like wearing regular liners which was good. It was good to have piece of mind in terms of regulating whether or not there was leakage.

Jacqui, NSW


As I didn’t feel as if I had any leakage I thought I’d still test the product to see how comfortable it was. I found the product really easy to use and had I been concerned about a fluid leak it’s a great way to have that added peace of mind.

Emma, NSW


It was a great product to trial especially as a First Time Mum this is all new to me and to have something that can ease my mind or give me some insight to what my body is doing is great. I think if reasonably priced then they would be a vital part of any pregnancy preparations

Amanda, NSW


It would have been more helpful to have more samples to wear.

Genevieve, NSW

al-sense amniotic fluid leakage

The majority of our reviewers felt AL-SENSE panty-liners gave them peace of mind, even when they didn’t have the need to use them and those that did use them were quickly reassured about what was going on down there! Every one of the mums on the video all said they wished AL-SENSE was available when they were pregnant and shared numerous stories about ‘false alarms.’ One woman who thought she had suffered an embarrassing incontinence accident actually went into labour at work – it was in fact her waters breaking!

Making AL-SENSE a part of your essential pregnancy kit in your third trimester (and even second trimester too for high risk pregnancies and those that are prone to early delivery), can alleviate stress and worry associated with premature leakage of the amniotic waters. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it! Al-SENSE can give you the confidence to distinguish between incontinence and your waters breaking, and empower you to know if it’s is time to contact your midwife/obstetrician or not. Of course we recommend you always seek medical advice if you are unsure.

AL-SENSE™panty-liners are now available in Australia and you can purchase from the . The cost is $24.50 for a box of 2 panty liners ($12.25 per panty liner); or $49 for a box of 5 panty liners (less than $10 per panty liner).


Disclaimer: Please note that if you have any medical concerns during or after pregnancy, you should always contact your medical practitioners. This product is not intended to replace the role of a medical practitioner in your prenatal care.

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