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First Girl Born into the Lawrie Family in 200 Years – How They Did it is Surprisingly Simple!

first girl born in the lawrie family heres how

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First girl born into the Lawrie family in 200 years – how they did it is surprisingly simple!

If you’re mother to a whole lot of strapping young lads, you may be crossing your fingers for a pink bundle from the stalk next time around.  The Lawrie Family were.  Mark Lawrie comes from a long line of men, in fact there hasn’t been a girl born into the Lawrie clan since 1809.  They checked for genetic conditions but were told they were in the clear.

How the Lawrie family made a girl after generations of boys!

Desperate for a girl, the family tried the Shettles Method and wham bam thank-you ma’am welcomed their first little girl in countless generations – baby Myla is healthy and adorable.  So, if you’re a mum hoping for some XX chromosomes next time round – how do you do it?

The Shettles Method explained

The scientific jury is still out on the Shettles Method but anecdotal evidence is very strong.

The theory goes that Y sperm (boy sperm) are faster but more fragile than X sperm (girl producing sperm).  This means that boys reach the egg faster but don’t survive well if ovulation hasn’t yet happened.  Girls are slower to make the journey but have the fortitude to hang around for the long haul.

How to try for a girl (or reverse it for a little lad)


It’s all about timing.  For a girl, you need to try for your baby in the 2.5 – 3 days prior to ovulation.  If you’re a regular 28 day cycle type girl this means day 11-12 is the time to get busy.

For a boy – you need to deliver the sperm (via the usual means) as close to the time of ovulation as possible.  This may mean investing in a good quality ovulation kit that times it down to the day.

The “naughty” details

According to The Shettles Method, male sperm prefer to be deposited “deeply” as there is lower “acidity” closer to the cervix.  They also like a female orgasm to help push the process along.

Bad news for you if you’re trying for a girl!  Nevermind, the things we go through for our kids hey!  Shallow deposits, and no fireworks make a girl!

Read more on the Shettles Method here

Are you trying for a baby? Do you want a boy or a girl? Any tips for fellow readers?

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