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Mum Admits She Didn’t Like Breastfeeding and Mummy Shamers Everywhere go Nuts!

Mum writes an Instagram post explaining why she wishes she had never breastfed…cue the impending criticism!

Openly admitting your strengths and weaknesses as a mother on the internet is like open season for Mummy shamers everywhere! Righteous key board heroes filled with a genuine sense of entitlement and authority over another parents choices will come out of the woodwork to voice their rudely worded opinions. Social media is unfortunately now such a confronting and judgemental platform. So when one courageous mum openly and admittedly shared her views and experiences on breast feeding you can imagine the subsequent s**t storm!

Australian TV star and mother, Maddi Wright, recently took to Instagram to vulnerably admit, “I wish I never breastfed my baby.” A sentiment that is potentially so familiar to other mothers experiences.

Maddi Wright – Instagram

“I wish I never breastfed my baby,” Maddi Wright begins her post about breastfeeding her second child. “A strong statement and many would disagree but here’s why…” She goes on to explain that just three weeks after ceasing to breastfeed her four-month-old, she feels like a “completely different person.

I’m a better mum and better wife,” she writes. “I have more energy. I actually have gaps where bub is NOT on my body so I get to miss him a little. I have more time for my other son. I am more affectionate towards my husband. I don’t dread going out in public. I enjoy my clothes again as I’m not leaking everywhere or having to wear uncomfortable maternity bras. I’m able to leave the house by myself without getting anxiety. I’m able to go to the gym again.”

Motherhood, a new baby and adjusting to juggling more than one is by no means easy. An already difficult path made all the more arduous with packed pressures and expectations. I am yet to meet the perfect mother who fits into society’s scrupulous image, so admitting those flaws, those imperfections, that takes strength and immense courage, a badge that should bond women and mothers in the fraternity of motherhood. But of course, in moments where we can shine the ugliness unfolds. Rather than being met with words of support she was hit with negativity, criticism and massive judgement…

“I’m all for happy moms but we live in a society where people want to have kids but don’t want their lives to change. I’m not really sure that it works that way.
Me me me me it’s all about “me” . I have four and only breastfeed 3 I wish I breastfeed all of them, yes I leaked, I was tired , but that never stopped me from being a good mom or wife, I could say so many things but , please, to say “I wish I never breastfed my baby”? Really? Never?”

“Even though breastfeeding is not for everyone, breastmilk is still the best thing you can feed your child (unless mum has a disease or taking meds or not thriving). Scientifically, this has been proven. Breastfeeding is so very hard, but it has a difficulty hump and an end date.”

“Having a kid means you need to sometimes put your needs to the side and do what’s best for baby. There is moms out there who don’t produce enough milk that I understand but just choosing to not breastfeed cause it’s more convenient for you is selfish. I have 3 kids and my third is still breastfeeding and is 21 months.”

“BOO-HOO it’s called MOTHERHOOD, PUTTING YOUR CHILDS NEEDS BEFORE YOUR OWN! Becoming a parent you become selfless, the fact that this woman says she couldn’t do these things while breast feeding is just laughable.”

Maddi Wright – Instagram

Maddi knew that when you open up about such a deeply emotional topic like breastfeeding she was opening the flood gates to critiques, so gracefully she continued “I know I will cop a lot of negative comments about this post but I think its important for mums to know that they have choices. There are so many different ways to be a mum. But what many mums forget is that MUM HAS TO BE HAPPY TOO.”

Breast milk is best we know this but to breastfeed is a choice and one not so easily made by all. It is a mothers right to choose how she will raise her child and sometimes it will not fit the perfect image and thats ok. A happy and healthy mother and child is of the upmost importance and it is no ones place to say otherwise. I applaud this mother for her bravery and her openness, for her strong sense of self and for knowing what is best for her and her child. I applaud and I stand along side open and vulnerable, I too had a horrible time breastfeeding and I chose to move on to formula for the health, happiness and ultimately sanity of me and for my child, I also chose to have two of my children via elective cesarean and heaven help me I chose to have my son circumcised! These are my choices as a mother and yes they may be different to your own but that does not make either party right, we all make choices with the best intentions for our child! Mummy shamers the balls in your court!

Laura Sheehan

Laura Sheehan is an early childhood teacher and Perth based mum of two to Brody aka 'The Hurricane' and Daisy aka 'Little Ray of Sunshine.' Laura hosts a small blog The Whole Mummy looking at all things Mummy, the good, the bad and the ugly with brutal truth and honesty. Laura works closely with the Meningitis Centre Australia, having nearly lost her Hurricane to Meningococcal B Meningitis, as well as the Stillbirth Foundation Australia due to the heartbreaking stillborn loss of her second son Beau. Laura, along with her former Wallaby husband and their family aim to promote awareness of these two tragedies, offering support and encouraging greater understanding of each. They are ambassadors for both the Men Centre and The Stillbirth Foundation You can follow and learn more about Laura's story on her blog thewholemummy.com and her social media (Instagram and facebook links).

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