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Teething Symptoms

While it varies between all children, there are five common teething symptoms which you are likely to see at some stage during your little ones first few years. These common teething symptoms include:
Difficulty settling at night

As cruel as it sounds, the movement of your babies teeth through their bone and gum happens in stages and most often during the night which can make if difficult for them to settle and stay asleep.

Changes in their eating habits

Your baby may want to eat more solids than normal as the pressure of eating may help to sooth their gums. Alternatively their gums may be so swollen and inflamed that they prefer to be breast or bottle fed – they may also want the extra cuddles.

Rubbing their face and pulling ears

Often the pain from teething can transfer to your little ones ears causing them to grab and pull on them.  They may also rub their face and cheeks as a way to try and get rid of the pain.


You may find your little one is drooling a whole lot more when a new tooth is on it’s way.


To help relieve their symptoms your baby may want to put anything and everything into their mouth as the pressure can help relieve their sore and swollen gums.

How you can help relieve teething symptoms

Distract your baby!

Teething pain is often a dull ache and just like anyone if you are bored or have nothing to do all you are going to think about is that pain.  Try to distract your baby to shift their focus away from their pain, whether it’s a game of peek a boo, a walk around your neighbourhood, reading a book or even cuddles on the couch this is an effective way to help shift their mind away from their sore and swollen gums.

A wet face washer

Letting your baby chew and soothe their gums on a clean and wet face washer is a good way to help relieve their pain.

Teething toys

There is plenty of teething toys to choose from including some which can be frozen to help give your baby some cool relief.

Pain relief

If none of the above remedies work and you want to give a pain relief medication to your baby, it’s important to speak to a medical professional first.

As always if you are concerned or have any questions, please speak to your Doctor or medical professional.


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