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About Go Ask Mum – the Australian parenting website created by mums

Go Ask Mum is an Australian parenting website that combines an online parenting forum with access to a panel of experts to create a one-stop-shop for guidance about raising children. Our parenting advice discussions and specialist tips cover everything from child psychology to birthday party planning. Got a question about life with children? We’ve got you covered.

A parenting forum for real mums, by real mums

We started Go Ask Mum because, as mums ourselves, we realized that whenever a tricky question was asked in our homes, the answer seemed to be ‘Go ask Mum!’ Emma Marks and Jolene Humphry manage the Go Ask Mum website, along with our sister site Mum’s Lounge, which focuses on news, culture and shopping for busy parents. Emma is a mum of 5, including 3 she didn’t give birth to, and counts motherhood as the most rewarding job she’s ever done. Jolene has three beautiful children and a menagerie of pets. She sees motherhood as the least glamorous but most exciting challenge of her life, too! Together, our team has a real understanding of the kinds of information parents want to access online, and we’re passionate about making every mum’s life a little easier!

Parenting advice from the pros!

With Emma and Jolene at the helm, we invite mums at all stages of their parenting journey to participate in our forums and search our site for the answers to a huge array of parenting questions. We have a team of mothers on board to act as moderators. They keep an eye on our online discussions, so you can be guaranteed a respectful and informative exchange of information. Mums can also tap into the specialist know-how of our panel of parenting experts, covering areas like:

– Sleep coaching

– Speech pathology

– Party planning

– Behavioral psychology

– Breastfeeding

– Family law

– Weight loss and fitness, and more.

Most of the time, Mum really does know best, but when she needs a few extra parenting tips or specialized guidance, Go Ask Mum provides a great starting point for research, a supportive online community, and advice from parenting professionals.

Go Ask Mum is the Australian parenting website for real mums! Join our online parenting forum today for child parenting tips and expert advice on all aspects of life with children.

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