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Father of Two Passes Away While His Wife Battles Cancer

As parents, the thought of what would happen to our children if something was to happen to both ourself and our partners is something we hope we never have to plan for or think about, however this is reality for UK husband and wife Paul and Clare Coulston.

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Image from The Coulston Fundraising Charity Facebook Page

In 2012 Paul was diagnosed with motor neurone disease – for which there is no cure, just three years after his wife Clare was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer and given a 30% chance of survival. Given both of their poor prognosis, the Coulston’s were faced with the unimaginable, leaving their children orphans. After receiving this confronting news the Coulston’s put in place guardianship arrangements for their two children Evelyn and Findlay as they knew their long term prognosis was not good. Clare said “We had to think about guardianship for the children – all the questions you don’t want to have to ask or the places you don’t want to go, we’ve had to sift down and realistically think about.”

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Image from The Coulston Fundraising Charity Facebook Page

Clare and Paul set up a fundraising page to help secure their children’s future, and were both extremely active in raising awareness as well as much needed funds to help find the cure for their conditions. Paul also took part in a medical trial with the aim of slowing down the symptoms his motor neurone disease and helping to find a cure.

Earlier this week the sad news was shared that Paul had suddenly passed away on Sunday night. His cousin Phillip Thompson posted the following message on Facebook.

“We are still in complete shock. Paul touched so many people’s lives and fought hard over the past few years to raise awareness of motor neurone disease and took part in a gruelling clinical trial to help find a cure for others. We knew he had five years max to live so of course we knew it would come one day but no matter how much you prepare yourself for it you are never ready for it.”

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Image from The Coulston Fundraising Charity Facebook Page

The Coulston’s story and news of Paul’s death has touched people all over the world and has resulted in the fundraising page set up by the family to help raise money for their children’s future crashing.

Our thoughts are with the Coulston family and friends at this sad time.


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