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Go Ask Mum Potty Guide

Now that you have decided it’s time to start your potty training adventure with your little one, it’s time to choose a potty.

With so many choices, it can be hard to know what product is best for you. No matter what you are looking for whether it be a stand alone potty, a seat for when you are on the go, a urinal for your little man as well as everything in between we have rounded up a selection of what’s available.


  1. The Babies R Us 3 in 1 Potty Chair has a soft cushion molded seat which provides great comfort. It can also be easily used on an adult toilet and converted into a step stool. RRP $29.99

  2. Your little one will love this Minnie Mouse 3 in 1 Sounds Potty.  With features such as a ‘hip-hip-hooray’ flushing arm, detachable seat for use of an adult toilet and a closing lid which transforms the potty into a handy step stool, this is a great potty for your little one. Also available in Mickey Mouse design.  RRP $49.99

  3. The Lupi Lu is made from strong polypropylene and has a high quality finish to ensure it fits the decor and style of most bathrooms. It’s easy to assemble, doesn’t move or pinch and the toddler seat is hidden when not in use.  RRP: $99.99
  4. The Safety 1st 3 in 1 Potty can be used as both a traditional potty or on an adult toilet  seat. It also has a reversible girl/boy deflector shield, build in handles, gripper rubber feat and a soft and comfortable seat.  RRP: $50

  5. This potty is perfect for your little car lover.  The First Years Magical 3 in 1 Sounds Potty starts out as a stand alone potty, before it converts to a stepping stool and toilet seat – Also available in Disney Princess. RRP: $48

  6. The Infa Secure High Back Excel Potty Seat is specially moulded for your toddlers comfort.  RRP $12

  7. This soft Peppa Pig cushioned toilet seat is the perfect encouragement for your little one to use the toilet.  RRP: $24

  8. The Oricom Intelligent Potty is ergonomically designed and encourages your little one by playing the sound of running water when they sit down. It also allows you to pre-record a message to your child which plays when they stand up after using it.  RRP $90

  9. If you are looking for a potty which is smart, practical and comfortable, the Baby Bjorn Smart Potty is for you. RRP $40

  10. The Fisher Price Royal Potty is fit for your little King or Queen! It features built in musical rewards system, the seat is compatible with adult toilets and it also transforms into a handy steppil – Available in Green and PInk. RRP: $59.99

  11. Need a Potty for when you are on the go? The Potette Plus is a portable potty and a toilet trainer seat in one.  The full size folding potty helps to make toilet stops convenient regardless of whether there is a toilet nearby.  You can use the Potette Plus anywhere with it’s super absorbent liners and hygienic carry bag.  RRP $19.95

  12. Your little man will feel just like Dad with the Weeman Toilet Training system. There is no need for a stepping stool, it’s easy to clean and it will teach your little man to stand up to use the toilet.  RRP: $22.99

  13. With a high back rest and ergonomic design the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair is a great way to help your toddler transfer from nappies to underwear.  RRP: $54

  14. Help your child become more independent with the Bambino Step Toilet Trainer. RRP $40

  15. Looking for something simple?  This Toilet Seat fits most adult toilets and also features a hygenic splash guard.  RRP $8

  16. With a removable reservoir for cleaning, real water flush (no plumbing required), floor or wall mount and adjustable height – The Peter Potty is the ideal way to introduce your little man to go to the toilet standing up. RRP: $74.95

  17. Made from seamless soft and foam which moulds gently around your child, the Bumbo Toilet Seat will help your toddler feel safe and comfortable on the toilet. RRP $30go ask mum potty guide

Which potty will you choose? 

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