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Outside old-school games for new-school kids

With winter approaching it’s easy to get a little stir crazy when you’re cooped up inside the house. Outside play becomes a forgotten option. Although it’s nice to snuggle up to a movie when the weather is cold, countless screen time and video games will only get your kids so far before the cabin fever sets in and the whinging and arguing begins.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Here are some old-school outside activities for modern new-school kids, you can introduce in order to get them outside and playing!

Handball –
This works a treat when wanting to keep kids occupied. Once they’re lost in the game, you may not even see them for a whole episode of your favourite show! For the older kids with better hand eye coordination you can use a tennis ball or those super bouncy rubber ones. For the younger kids, use a soft rubber larger ball. As long as it’s bouncy it will get their heart pumping and that energy out!


Elastics –
Do you remember doing the can-can in the shelter shed when you were a kid at school? Remember how fun that used to be? Well you can recreate that same buzz for your children with a simple long piece of elastic tied up at both ends. It’s that easy. You need two people to hold the elastics, one at each end, while one person is having their turn. Start at the ankles, go up to the knees, hips, and then the underarms for those that are especially limber!

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Skipping –
Jump rope for heart was one of the most memorable and entertaining fundraisers we used to have when I was a child. In my opinion there is not enough skipping in schools these days! One rope or two, short or long, singular or double-dutch. The possibilities are endless, and it’s a great form of cardio for kids.

What’s the time Mr Wolf? –
This fun activity needs no props at all. All you require are children willing to have fun! One child stands with his back toward the other children, while the others ask “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” Mr Wolf will then say “2 o’clock!” and each child needs to take 2 steps closer to the child with his back turned. This continues until the “wolf” decides it’s “dinner time” and then turns around to chase the other children. The child caught becomes the new wolf. Great for teaching numeracy to smaller children.

Shooting hoops –

You need a hoop and a bouncy ball. Practice makes perfect and once your child masters the skill, they can then begin to challenge themselves!





















Bocce (or lawn bowls) –

Yes you heard me. It doesn’t have to be with the hard lawn balls found at your local bowling club either. This game teaches children precision and patience, not to mention the glory they feel when they knock their opponents ball out of competition!

So if you’re one of those people who fancy making themselves a cup of tea or coffee and actually drinking it while it remains hot, suggest one or all of these activities to your children to get them OUTSIDE and PLAYING. It’s good for them, and by THEM, of course I mean for every party involved. Now quickly go and turn the TV on to something you want to watch for a change and enjoy the glorious sound of childhood from a safe, much quieter distance.

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