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11 Utterly Adorable Baby Shower Cakes


11 Utterly Adorable Baby Shower Cakes

The impending arrival of a new baby is undoubtedly one of the most exciting (and scary!) times in a person’s life.  A baby shower is a great way to help parents to be take some time out from the planning and preparation of the arrival of their little one to allow them some time to relax, have fun and celebrate the new little person who will arrive into this world all too soon. And since no celebration is complete without a cake, we’ve put together a collection of the best baby shower cakes that are sure to make your baby shower just that little bit more special.

Baby Shower Cakes for Boys

Celebrate the upcoming arrival of your baby boy in style with this gorgeous two tiered fondant covered cake topped with a cute little elephant.

2 11_Utterly_Adorable_Baby_Shower_Cakes_-_Little_Party_Love

This Moon Cake is a wonderful way to celebrate the special little man that is about to enter the world.  Don’t you just love the pretty little stars hanging from the top of the moon?

3 11_Utterly_Adorable_Baby_Shower_Cakes_-_Little_Party_Love

This Baby Shower cake is perfect for the Mum to be with a sense of humour!

4 11_Utterly_Adorable_Baby_Shower_Cakes_-_Little_Party_Love

Cupcakes are a great alternative to a traditional baby shower cake. How gorgeous does this cupcake pram look? This cake would also be easy to recreate at home and all you need to do is use pink icing to make it for a little baby girl or a online casino use a neutral colour such as yellow if the baby’s gender is unknown.

5 11_Utterly_Adorable_Baby_Shower_Cakes_-_Little_Party_Love

This Baby Shower Cake for a little man is almost too gorgeous to eat!

6 11_Utterly_Adorable_Baby_Shower_Cakes_-_Little_Party_Love

Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

Doesn’t this two tiered fondant cake look amazing!  I love the gorgeous cot on top along with the lovely detailing on the baby blanket.

7 11_Utterly_Adorable_Baby_Shower_Cakes_-_Little_Party_Love

This sprinkle cake is the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a special little girl – doesn’t it look adorable?

8 11_Utterly_Adorable_Baby_Shower_Cakes_-_Little_Party_Love

I love this gorgeous two tiered cake, it’s the perfect way to celebrate a new little princess.

9 11_Utterly_Adorable_Baby_Shower_Cakes_-_Little_Party_Love

This Chevron Baby Shower Cake is simply gorgeous!

10 11_Utterly_Adorable_Baby_Shower_Cakes_-_Little_Party_Love

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Cakes

This three tiered fondant cake is the perfect way to celebrate a baby shower when you don’t know (or Mum and Dad aren’t telling!) what the baby’s gender is.

11 11_Utterly_Adorable_Baby_Shower_Cakes_-_Little_Party_Love

This cute baby shower cake is perfect for a gender neutral baby shower or as a gender reveal cake.

12 11_Utterly_Adorable_Baby_Shower_Cakes_-_Little_Party_Love

Did you have a Baby Shower?

Have you made baby shower cakes before?



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