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The Wiggles Birthday Party Ideas

The Wiggles Birthday Party Ideas

If you are the parent of a child under five (or a parent at all!) there is a strong chance you not only know the words to a couple of Wiggles songs, but have caught yourself singing along to them with the kids.  Although the Wiggles have been around for 20 years now (gosh that makes me feel old!) they are popular as ever with the kids.

One of the great things about a Wiggles themed birthday party is that it will suit both girls and boys – perfect if you are having a party for more than one child.  We’ve put together a collection of some fun Wiggles birthday party ideas that your child and their guests are sure to love.

I love these bright and cheery rose garden biscuits, and they really would make the perfect treat for Dorothy’s tea party!

1 Wiggles_Birthday_Party_Ideas_-_Little_Party_Love

These coloured jelly cups are sure to be popular with all the kids.  They are also such an easy party treat to make, and best of all they can also be made ahead of time.

2 Wiggles_Birthday_Party_Ideas_-_Little_Party_Love

Set up a container of coloured rice for the little kids to play with. It will not only tie in with your bright and colourful Wiggles theme, but it will also provide plenty of entertainment for your party guests.

3 Wiggles_Birthday_Party_Ideas_-_Little_Party_Love


No Wiggles party would be complete without some Hot Potatoes!  All you need to do is buy some potato gems from the supermarket and bake in the oven before your guests arrive – too easy!

4 Wiggles_Birthday_Party_Ideas_-_Little_Party_Love

The kids will love this Wiggle Jiggle Juice!  You can find bottles like these at your local variety store.

5 Wiggles_Birthday_Party_Ideas_-_Little_Party_Love

What a great Wiggles party set up!  The kids will love sitting on their very own Dorothy chairs!

6 Wiggles_Birthday_Party_Ideas_-_Little_Party_Love

This is another great Wiggles party food table idea.  It looks almost too good to eat!

7 Wiggles_Birthday_Party_Ideas_-_Little_Party_Love

Filling glass containers with Wiggles coloured candies and lollies is a great way to add some colour to your party table.

8 Wiggles_Birthday_Party_Ideas_-_Little_Party_Love

Party decorations don’t get much easier (or cheaper) than these Wiggles coloured balloons, but don’t they look great?

9 Wiggles_Birthday_Party_Ideas_-_Little_Party_Love

This is a great party bag idea, you can find these coloured paper bags at your local discount or craft store. All you then need to do is print out a fun Wiggles picture and pop a few treats inside.

10 Wiggles_Birthday_Party_Ideas_-_Little_Party_Love

Isn’t this cake gorgeous? It would certainly impress all of your party guests!

11 Wiggles_Birthday_Party_Ideas_-_Little_Party_Love

Now this is a Wiggles cake anyone can create.  Simply use plain iced cake, attach KitKats around the side with a little melted chocolate and decorate with Wiggles figurines and brightly coloured smarties – the kids will love it!

12 Wiggles_Birthday_Party_Ideas_-_Little_Party_Love

This Henry the Octopus cake is another one which is easy to recreate.  All you will need is a purple balloon, some craft supplies and them use your favourite plain biscuits, cream and food dye to create his wiggly tentacles.

13 Wiggles_Birthday_Party_Ideas_-_Little_Party_Love

Do your kids love the Wiggles?

Have you organised a Wiggles themed party before? We’d love for you to share your tips!!


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