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Win $150 Worth of Smash Nude Food Movers Products

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Win $150 Worth of Smash Nude Food Movers Products

Looking after ourselves and our environment with healthy lunches that are waste free is the hop topic at my boys School at the moment and with good reason. This does mean that my job as a Mum is to set a good example to them by preparing lunches with little to no waste, which can be a challenge if you only have a regular lunch box and don’t want everything mixed together before its opened at lunch time. Over the past few weeks we have been testing out the Smash Nude Food Movers range, which have made ‘No rubbish’ lunches a whole lot easier!

The Nude Food Movers Rubbish Free Lunch Box was a great start to the lunchtime preparation routine. With 3 separate compartments plus 2 removable leak proof containers I suddenly felt more inspired to create a healthy and varied combination of foods to have for lunch and/or snacks…it was far more exciting than the standard sandwich and apple that I had resigned to in the past.


The removable pots are leak proof so are perfect for snack foods, like as grapes, strawberries or orange pieces, or for filling with some of our delicious homemade humus with carrot sticks in a separate pot. The center section is the perfect size for a sandwich with a removable sandwich seatbelt or separator for a freeze block, keeping the sandwich fresh.

The Nude Food Movers Rubbish Free Lunch Box was also created to be a perfect fit to pop an apple or two, a banana or crackers in the end compartment. So there we had it…everything we need for a healthy rubbish free lunch all neatly packed and ready to go in its single fitted-neoprene cool skin.


The Yoghurt Mover is a firm favorite of mine. It’s the perfect portion size to fill with our delicious homemade natural yogurt with a few berries thrown in just for fun. The removable wall can be frozen overnight and popped on in the morning, so that it can be kept fresh and ready to eat whenever I am. The internal suction seal proves very effective in keeping everything inside and so we haven’t suffered any leakages or spills no matter how much it’s been shaken around. The yoghurt Mover even has a little spoon which clips to the side of the container and saves a great deal of rummaging around the bag searching for the lost spoon that you know is in there somewhere….making it ideal for the kids to take to School!

The Wrap & Roll is the perfect alternative to using foil or wrap and not only saves on waste but also saved my wrap, which had often ended up a slightly squishy mess in my bag. The durable container kept my wrap secure and fresh and allowed me to enjoy my lunch served in the same condition as it was when it was made.

The Nude Food Movers Snack Tubes are the perfect solution for carrying snacks on days out with my twins, who loved the excitement of finding out what in pot had in store for them. The easy twists lids kept food sealed but were easy enough for my 3 year olds’ little hands to open themselves, giving them more independence and making this a great choice for packing their morning tea and crunch and sip for kindy.


The Nude Food Movers Sandwich Box is the perfect size for sandwiches, leaving little room for the sandwich to shake around in the container whilst being thrown around in a bag, ensuring that lunch stays fresh and looking good when it comes to lunch time. My little ones found the rubber highlights, which prevent the container slipping around a surface, made their lives a little easier particularly when opening and removing their lunch. The bit that makes my life easier is the hinged lid…I know that might sound a little strange but I have 4 little ones and a husband that are forever coming home with missing parts of their lunch containers, so I am grateful that Nude Food Movers have got this all under control for me and I don’t need to waste any more money replacing containers due to missing parts!


Smash’s stealth bottles are bright, fun and easy to use. The ergonomic design and multiple sizes means that they are a great choice to keep the whole family hydrated. The bottles were great for taking to school, days out or sports activities and the easy twist lids means that my active little ones can quickly and easily take water on board with ease…no fiddling or faffing with lids, just twist and go!

The Nude Food Movers range is everything is says on the box. It’s all geared to drive a more environmentally friendly and healthier lunch. The Nude Food Movers range provide a varied selection of containers to suit every lunch need whether you’re packing for School lunches with morning and afternoon snacks, a day at the office or a day out with the family. The containers are all durable and withstood a good amount of shaking and bashing around and the leak-proof seals did what they should have, with clasps strong enough to keep the containers closed all day but also easy enough for little hands to open themselves. The Nude Food Movers range have proved a great choice for my family and we will certainly be investing in more, so that the whole family can benefit daily from healthier and more environmentally friendly lunches.

Written by Julie Williams

Thanks to Smash Enterprises we are offering our readers the chance to WIN $150 worth of Nude Food Movers products. Simply enter below and good luck x

Disclosure: The author was gifted this product for the purpose of giving an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are the authors own.
Win $150 worth of Smash products

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  1. AvatarDiane H

    My kids would love me forever if I won! They are so fuzzy with their lunch boxes and drink bottles.


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