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The Amazing Moment When Conjoined Twins Looked at Each Other For The First Time

Twins, Jadon and Anias McDonald, who were joined together by the head for 13 months, have been able to face each other for the first time, in wide-eyed wonder.

The twins underwent a 27-hour life threatening operation so they could be separated, and now they can’t take their eyes off each other.

conjoined twins

The operation took place in October at Children’s Hospital at Montifiore Medical Centre in New York. It is expected they will be moved into rehab before eventually being released from hospital. The boys recovery time has been record breaking after 5 weeks from surgery. The previous record for recovery from craniopagus surgery was eight weeks.

The world’s leading expert on twins conjoined at the head, Surgeon Dr James Goodrich said, “Historically, this will be the fastest (recovery).”

Despite the successful operation, the twins have had to overcome setbacks like infections, fevers and seizures, but so far the surgeons are happy with their progress.

Their mum, Nicole McDonald, is ecstatic about the success of the surgery and her sons’ progress. “It’s the most amazing thing. I just can’t even believe it.”

conjoined twins

Conjoined twins is a condition that occurs once in every 10 million live births. The McDonald twins shared brain tissue and had entwined blood vessels.

But now they are separated, they will be able to see each other and play together. They will be able to crawl, walk and lift their heads, which they were unable to do when they were fused together.

We wish Jadon and Anias all the best as they recover from the operation and learn to live independently.

Rebecca Senyard

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