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15 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back When You’re Having a Bad Parenting Day

15_Things_ ThatMight_Help When You_are_having_a_bad_parenting_day


We all have them. Days when our kids seem to push our buttons, and it’s difficult to be the calm and patient parent that we are on good parenting days.

So what can you do? Here are some suggestions.

1. When your child is napping or engrossed in some activity (which may or may not be screen based), find a comfortable spot for yourself. Close your eyes and take some deep and relaxing breaths. Breathe in. Breathe out.

2. Notice something really lovely or funny or beautiful or touching or silly about your child. Really feel it.

3. Pause and have that cup or tea or coffee or drink of water or bite to eat. Fuel yourself.

4. Take a moment to imagine your heart bursting with love. Send that loving energy around the house.

5. If you’re feeling cooped up at home, go out. Go for a walk or to the playground or the library or the cafe. Somewhere. Anywhere.

6. If you’re out and it’s going pear-shaped, head home and chill out. Settle the kids into a quiet activity and rest yourself.

7. Give your child some focused attention. Do something with them. Be present. Be aware. Just be there.

8. Call a friend or your partner or another family member and tell them the lovely or funny or beautiful or touching or silly thing that your child did.

9. Say to yourself, ‘This too will pass.’

10. Before you say or do anything, take one conscious, aware breath. Then say or do.

11. Put on some music and dance or sing or both.

12. Watch that funny cat video on YouTube that always makes you laugh, and feel your energy shift.

13. Give up all expectations about how your day ‘should’ go or how your child ‘should’ behave. Just open yourself up to any possibility without judgement.

14. Take any chores off your to-do list and just focus on your child and yourself. Take away a competing priority and see how that feels.

15. Do a yoga pose like legs up the wall or battkunsana – even if it’s only for a few moments.

16. Say to yourself, ‘I love my kids to the moon and back. Always.’

What do you think of these ideas? And what suggestions would you add to the list? Write in the comments below.

Jodie Benveniste is a psychologist, parenting author and a great believer in the power of intuitive parenting. You can get your free gift ‘Unlocking the secrets of intuitive parenting’ at jodiebenveniste.com

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This article was originally published as 15 Things That Might Help When You are Having a Bad Parenting Day on www.jodiebenveniste.com.

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