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Baby Growth Spurts: When To Expect One


Just when you think you have finally ‘worked out’ your baby and have a good rhythm going when it comes to feeding, you can guarantee things will change!  If your baby starts looking for food every hour and wants more even just after they have had a feed, there is a good chance your little one may be going through a growth spurt.

While baby growth spurts can happen at anytime during your little one’s first twelve months (your baby will triple in size during their first year!) often much of this growth happens in short spurts, so understandably your little one gets upset!

Signs your baby may be going through a growth spurt include:

  • Your baby ALWAYS wants to eat!  If you’ve established a four hourly feed patter, during a growth spurt your baby will want to feed every hour or so.
  • You baby may be upset, clingy and cranky and even though they want to feed, they may pull away or get upset if the flow of milk isn’t quick enough or they have to wait too long for something to eat!
  • Your baby will wake more often during the night to feed or just to have a cuddle.

As a general guide, your baby may be going through a growth spurt at the following times:

  • Between 1 – 3 weeks of age
  • Between 6 – 8 weeks of age
  • Three months
  • Six months
  • Nine months

What can you do?

It’s important to remember growth spurts are temporary and after a few days you should find your baby falling back into their regular routines and behaviours.  If you are concerned at all, speak with your child health nurse, doctor or medical professional.


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