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Bonds Recall After Needle Found in Popular Baby Suit

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Bonds has had to recall thousands of it’s Newbies Coverall Long Sleeve baby suit’s after a Mother found an industrial sewing machine needle sewn into the arm of a suit she was about to dress her daughter in.

Anny Brooks, from Victoria, found the needle in a brand new Bonds Coverall when she was dressing her seven-week-old daughter after a bath.

“I’m very pedantic about checking my kids’ clothes. I ran my hand through it after I gave her a bath and it scratched my hand. I turned the suit inside out and there was a broken industrial needle there. It was sewn into the suit. Even though I had washed the suit beforehand, it was still there.”

Anny said she was furious when she found the needle, which was about 1.5cm long.



“I was ropeable. I would have swaddled her and she would have been screaming in pain. I wouldn’t have known what was wrong until I had unwrapped her. It makes me sick. The scratch on my hand was red raw the next day – imagine if it was her arm.

Bonds has said that there was a gap in it’s quality control process at the Chinese facility that made the garment.

“All garments made by our suppliers must be supported by detailed records of quality control processes, including evidence that products have been through a metal detection process and all sewing needles are accounted for.”

Bonds is yet to release an official statement but said it would do so later today to inform customers of specific style codes and date of purchases for garments.

Concerned customers can call 1800 806 906 or email recallhelp@pacbrands.com.au

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