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Harley’s Story May Give You Paws for Thought! PLUS GIVEAWAY


Harley’s Story May Give You Paws for Thought! PLUS GIVEAWAY

When my friend Lisa and her husband Craig went off to work one morning, they could never have imagined the fate that awaited their beloved Burmese cat Harley.

At some stage during the day, Harley got his paw caught in the screen door – and with nobody home to help him, poor Harley caused more damage the more he wrestled to free himself.

When Craig arrived home at the end of the day he could hear Harley’s whimpers – and found him bleeding and barely conscious. Harley had almost completely severed his toe from his paw.

Craig rushed Harley to the vet where he had the toe amputated, and was kept on a drip for 2 days.

“I was interstate while all this happened, leaving my beloved fur baby in Craig’s care,” Lisa explained. “Craig didn’t dare question any of the vet procedures…or the bills, which were astronomical! When I got home days later Craig led me by the hand to my bandaged boy and handed me info about the pet insurance cover he had taken out subsequently. It was a little late but at least we are now prepared for any future dramas!”

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