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How to DAD Shares All You Need for a Successful Christmas Shopping Trip with Your Toddler

If you thought Christmas shopping was stressful, take a toddler with you. They cry over being restrained and then when you let your guard down and take them out of the trolley or pram, they run hell for leather down the mall, hiding in aisles and sometimes playing with displays.

It’s why so many parents drink more at Christmas and why many choose to shop from home.

But just in time for Christmas, How to DAD has shared his latest hack on How to Go Christmas Shopping With a Baby.

The New Zealand-based dad attaches a helium filled balloon to his daughter’s shirt and he can spot her wherever she goes.

I’m not sure if the hack will take off, but hats off to him for giving it a try and giving us a laugh.

In a bid to burst his balloon, just go internet shopping.

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