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Most Popular Baby Names inspired by Disney and Game of Thrones

Popular baby Names 2014

Parents are being inspired by Disney movies to Royal families when it comes to naming their newborn. The Office for National Statistics released UK’s most popular baby names for this year. Despite the list being based in the UK, many of these names are trending in Australia. Some of the names may even inspire parents-to-be when naming their offspring.

Harper and George have moved up the ranks the most. Only 4 babies were named Harper in 2004 compared to 623 babies in 2014. George has leapt into 7th place after being number 14 on the ranks three years ago.

TV shows and movies have inspired parent’s when naming their baby. Dexter went up to 73rd spot after being outside the top 500 in 2004.

Frozen’s Elsa has climbed up the ranks. 537 baby girls have been named Elsa, compared 200 babies 5 years ago. Olaf has inspired 53 parents who have named their son after the popular snowman from Frozen. Only 10 babies were named Olaf a decade ago.

Celebrity and sportspeople names also made an appearance in the study. There were 11 babies named Ronaldo and Messi, 106 Kloes, 80 Kendalls, 35 Kourtneys and 19 Kims.

Game of Thrones inspired a number of parents including 53 Khaleesis, 244 Aryas and 17 Tyrions born in England and Wales.

Oliver is the most popular boy name and Amelia is the most popular girl name.

Top 20 boys names in the UK

1) Oliver

2) Jack

3) Harry

4) Jacob

5) Charlie

6) Thomas

7) George

8) Oscar

9) James

10) William

11) Noah

12) Alfie

13) Joshua

14) Muhammad

15) Henry

16) Leo

17) Archie

18) Ethan

19) Joseph

20) Freddie

Top 20 girls names in the UK

1) Amelia

2) Olivia

3) Isla

4) Emily

5) Poppy

6) Ava

7) Isabella

8) Jessica

9) Lily

10) Sophie

11) Grace

12) Sophia

13) Mia

14) Evie

15) Ruby

16) Ella

17) Scarlett

18) Isabelle

19) Chloe

20) Sienna

10 of the more unusual boys names (each name given to three babies)

1) Atila

2) Cy

3) Dash

4) Everest

5) J

6) Legend

7) Pele

8) Precious

9) Simba

10) Xylo

10 of the more unusual girls names (each name given to three babies)

1) Bethlehem

2) Blaze

3) Boo

4) Bunny

5) Calypso

6) Jett

7) Sparkle

8) Symphony

9) Topsy

10) Tuppence

Is your baby name part of this list?


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