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Mother takes photo of her son on her mobile phone to confirm suspicions of cancer.

An Illinois mother took a photo of her son on her mobile phone that eventually lead to him being diagnosed with cancer.

Julie Fitzgerald noticed a few times that whenever she looked at her son Avery under direct light, she would notice a slight twinkle in the back of his eye. She had seen an article where a woman discovered cancer in her family in photos where relatives eyes would turn white instead of red and it clearly stated that the reason behind it could be cancer.

Julie started to worry, so decided to take a photo of little Avery to test the theory.

“I did not want to take the picture because I had this dreaded feeling in the pit of my stomach,” she told CNN. “I took the picture, and boom: His whole pupil was just white— and that’s when I knew.”

After the photo was taken, a specialist visit confirmed that Avery had retinoblastoma. Doctors found that 75 percent of his eye was covered in tumours and told Julie and her husband Patrick that the cancer could have spread to his brain and blood if they had of delayed seeing a specialist.


Avery Fitzgerald


Image Credit: nbcchicago

Retinoblastoma is a rare type of cancer that develops in the retina and usually develops in early childhood.

Avery’s Dad, Patrick Fitzgerald, offered some simple advice regarding their children’s health: “Trust your gut,” he told CNN. “Trust a momma’s gut … and don’t wait. Don’t wait to see if it improves.”

Doctors removed the unhealthy eye and also tested Avery to see if he has a genetic marker that would put him at risk to develop more cancer. He will eventually get a prosthetic eye.

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