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Mum Risks Losing Her Eyesight With Her Choice to Continue Breastfeeding

Mums are often blamed and shamed for not doing enough for their children to the point where we just can’t win no matter what we do. But one dedicated mother has caused a stir on social media for choosing to risk losing her eyesight to continue breastfeeding her child to reach her goal of “at least 12 months”.

“I have an impossible decision to make,” the mother wrote on a Facebook mum’s group, explaining that the medication she has been prescribed to preserve her vision may affect her son through her breastmilk.

“I can either continue to breastfeed and risk adverse side effects in my baby or switch to formula and risk him having weakened immunity.”

Many of the responses to the Facebook post were in favour of the mum continuing to breastfeed and risking going blind because they would give up anything, even their own eyesight, for their children.

The post was shared on Reddit where a robust discussion erupted among other parents.

“The mum in the comments saying she’d go blind ‘because she gave up everything for her kids’ sounds insufferable,” wrote one mother.

“I can imagine her using it as a form of control over her kids. (‘Why won’t you do what Momma asks? I gave up EVERYTHING for you!’) And as a child, you probably would feel guilty knowing your needs physically hurt one of your parents.

“I can’t fathom sacrificing your eyesight over breastfeeding. Especially not when millions of children thrive on the alternative. Once your eyesight is gone it’s gone forever,” she added.

“Damn. I just have to say as a mum, that is hard to read. We are damned no matter what we do,” wrote another.

Wading in with an opinion of my own, my take is that fed is best. As is a mother who is able to watch her children and grandchildren grow up with whatever vision she is able to preserve.

What are your thoughts? Would you give up your eyesight to breastfeed your child until they were 12 months old? Or is that exactly what formula is for? Share your opinion in the comments!


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