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New Dad Shares 10 Things He Has Learned in His 160 Days as a Father And He’s Not Wrong!

New Dad Shares 10 Things He Has Learned in His 160 Days as a Father And He’s Not Wrong!

There’s a lot to learn when you become a parent. You can read all the parenting books and take all the antenatal classes you like, there is still nothing quite like driving home with your brand new baby for the first time wondering what on earth you’ve gotten yourselves into. The enormous responsibility to keep this darling little human alive and happy can be overwhelming at times!

South African dad Bonisile Mgidi recently opened up with complete honesty about ten things he has learned in his first 160 days of fatherhood after he and his partner welcomed their daughter Mihlayonke.

His Twitter thread was met with thousands of retweets, likes, and comments by fellow parents who agreed with his take on early parenthood.

After some followers questioned his playlist for soothing his daughter, Bonisile responded with this adorable clip.

Before long, Bonisile’s thread was filled with other fathers backing up his wise words alongside beautiful photos of themselves with their own children. They also added a few pertinent lessons of their own.

“I’ve been a dad for 12 years and I can confirm that everything this man said is true” penned one man. “Also when they reach their toddler stage please ask where they got the water for ‘Tea’ when they’re playing with the tea-set… I gulped about a litre of toilet water!”

“Trick that really helps with these little buggers from falling off the bed, buy a noodle, the swimming noodle and shove it under the sheet on their side of the bed! The only regret is that I found out about this trick very late. Works like a dream on my 3yo,” added another.

Bonisile opened up about the new responsibility of being a present father and how much his life has changed since his daughter was born.

“I know it sounds stupid because what the hell were you expecting?” he said, referring to the constant vigilance of caring for a baby.

“But it is always there. It is not a bra you can take off at the end of a long day or a belt you can unbuckle. It is there. Demanding your attention and love constantly. This shouldn’t have surprised me but it did. A baby is just always there, you have to live for yourself and for it too. It’s weird having another person this reliant on you.”

Yep, that’s parenthood!



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