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Want to Know How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in 41 Seconds?


Want to Know How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in 41 Seconds?


All mama’s will know the torture of putting our very tired baby slowly down into his cot, after hours of walking him around the house, patting, singing, shhhhh shhhhh-ing and slowly, very slooooowly backing out of the room and standing on the other side of the door wishing on everything you believe in that your baby wont wake up.

And then…..waaaaaahhhhh!

Well new Dad Nathan Dailo from Sydney has fast become an internet superstar and all round hero for mums and dads everywhere with his latest YouTube video who says with the use of a tissue and 41 seconds he can get his baby to sleep.


Do you think this will work at your place? Tried it already? Let us know what happened!


Emily Lockley

Emily Lockley is 32, which she thinks is a great age by the way, still young enough to want to have fun and just old enough to not really care about the dramas of your twenties.and not where she thought she would be. In saying that for the most part, she loves where she's at. Great partner, loving family, amazing friends, living in Melbourne..blah blah right?! There is always something else we want, for her that's a baby, but it's just not happening the way she thought it would. Emily is an infertility blogger who writes of her journey through fertility treatment and the longing to become a Mum in a very real, raw and honest way.

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