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When Is a Bump to the Head a Major Cause for Concern?


When Is a Bump to the Head a Major Cause for Concern?

We all know it’s common for kids to have bump and bruises, but do we all know what to do when our little friends have a serious bump to the head?

Many head injuries are not serious and will only need monitoring at home, however sometimes a bump to the head can be more serious and can result in damage to the brain and hospitalisation.

Symptoms of a Mild Head Injury; Monitor closely and seek medical attention or Dial 000 if you believe your child is become worse.

  • They display altered level of consciousness
  • They are alert and interacting with you
  • They have bruising or cuts on their head
  • They are otherwise normal

Symptoms of a Moderate Head Injury; DIAL 000

  • They have lost consciousness for a short period of time
  • They are alert and are able to respond to your voice
  • They have vomited two or more times since hitting their head
  • They have a headache
  • They are experiencing visual disturbance
  • They have had a brief seizure, convulsion or fit straight after the head injury
  • They are confused

Symptoms of a Severe Head Injury; DIAL 000

  • They have lost consciousness
  • They are experiencing visual disturbance
  • They are drowsy and cannot respond to your voice
  • They have had more one seizure, convulsion or fit, other than a single brief one when the injury happened
  • They are confused, have loss of memory or do not know who you are

If you have taken your child to hospital you can expect some or all of these things to happen;

  • Observation
  • Mild painkillers for any headache
  • Dressings to any wounds
  • To have nothing to eat or drink until further advised
  • Anti-nausea tablets for any nausea or vomiting
  • An x-ray of the neck, if you have any neck pain
  • A CT scan, if needed

Head Injury Guideline

St John’s Ambulance guideline


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