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Teacher Goes Viral on TikTok for Her Creative and Hilarious Childbirth Demonstration

Teacher Goes Viral on TikTok for Her Creative and Hilarious Childbirth Demonstration

High school teacher Brooke Bernal has gone viral on Tik Tok after creatively demonstrating a way to teach her students the process and stages during childbirth with a balloon and a ping pong ball.

Currently pregnant with her third child, Ms Bernal has been teaching her students family consumer sciences for four years, and this lesson is her “all time favourite”.

Popping a ping pong ball into a balloon, Ms Bernal explains that the ball represents the baby, the top of the balloon is the uterus and the opening is the cervix. The birth canal is still demonstrated even though it is technically “south” of the cervix anatomically.

She then demonstrates the birth process, beginning with Braxton Hicks contractions and ending with the “baby” shooting out across the room!

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“Normally, this demonstration does not faze my students at all. They are really just surprised that a ping pong ball can fit into a balloon and that a balloon can stretch like it does without popping. It’s just a good visual aid for them,” Ms Bernal explains.

“And, yes, they know a baby will not actually yeet across the room!

“I personally feel that they get more out of me showing it this way than they would watching birthing videos because it’s something that is hands on and they can’t just zone out,” she continued.

Ms Bernal’s awesome demonstration cleverly factors in other birth complications as well.

“I have never had a balloon pop, aka uterine rupture. Sometimes, the balloons may get stuck or rip a small hole, making the ping pong ball harder to get out or stuck. I just tell the students that this shows you can’t plan labor and delivery.

“You may have to have forceps, vacuum extraction, you may tear or end up with an episiotomy, or an emergency C-section. There are a multitude of things that can happen because childbirth is so unpredictable. This activity gives them a demonstration of that.”

Ms Bernal’s TikTok video has gone viral with nearly 5 million views, enlightening millions of others around the world about how babies are born.


Source: TikTok/Brooke Bernal


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