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Women Share the Crazy (And Outright Dangerous!) Pieces of Advice They Were Given When Pregnant

Women Share the Crazy (And Outright Dangerous!) Pieces of Advice They Were Given When Pregnant

There’s a lot to be said for good, solid, well-researched and medically supported advice during your pregnancy. Doctors, midwives and nursing staff have loads of advice and recommendations that should be followed. You can also pick up plenty of tips from well written, reliable books and articles on the internet. Advice can be good is what I’m saying. Who doesn’t want a handy piece of info that could make all the difference?

Unfortunately, though, there is also a lot of bad advice getting around. Spread by well-meaning but ultimately clueless co-workers, old ladies, relatives, and complete strangers, this bad advice can be not just completely mystifying and intrusive but also utterly dangerous!

Women were asked to share the tidbits of silly and ridiculous advice given to them while pregnant, and their responses are guaranteed to leave you open-mouthed in shock that people actually believe these things!

👶 I was told that I need to shave down there or the baby will get carpet burn.fallingkites88

👶 To not drink water because it causes nausea.melbell518

👶 My labour should be painless because Jesus died and erased the “pain during childbirth” penalty humans got from Eve. If I feel pain, it’s because I don’t believe in Jesus’ redemptive powers.Lotrfreqally

👶 Not to drink hot tea because then I would boil my baby.sawcy_cat_

👶 Someone told my SO not to bathe because the baby would drown. The reasoning for this advice was that the umbilical cord acted as a sort of snorkel from the baby to the mother’s navel. If the navel was submerged the baby wouldn’t be able to get air. ~ HerrDresserVonFyre

👶 Don’t raise your arms above your head, it will tangle the baby’s cord and the baby will die.queenoreo

👶 Not me but my sister. She had to have an emergency c section when she had my niece. Her mother in law said she wouldn’t be a “real woman” unless she had a vaginal birth.madisjamz

👶 Oh, I’ve got this: the lady at the counter in the village bakery told me that I should smear my face with SEMEN to counter pregnancy acne. It was the first time I’d ever met her.WrongedCorinna

👶 I got severe itching all over the body during 7th month and did the routine test for liver function – all normal. Colleague advises, “rub your husband’s underwear which he has left for wash/laundry all over your body as a remedy for itching.” No. I DID NOT FOLLOW IT.THEMNMGIRL

👶 The lady giving me a pedicure in my nail salon suggested I let my husband have extramarital affairs for a few months postpartum so I could recover.littlemogmog

What terrible advice! Some people really do need to complete a basic anatomy course! And then also mind their own business!

Please do not do any of these things and instead follow the advice of your health care provider.

You can read the full list of responses here.


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