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Mum Demonstrates Dangers Of Leaving A Child In a Hot Car

Every year in summer the temperatures soar exceedingly high. And every year we still hear reports of parents leaving their children locked in cars while the duck out for a minute or two. It sounds incredible that even with all the knowledge we have about the dangers this presents to a child, some parents are still not taking notice.

A Sydney based mother of two, has taken to Facebook to share her experience and hopefully warn other parents along the way. She shared a photo of her shrunken, melted water bottle after leaving it in her car for six hours.
‘On the left is a water bottle. On the right is the same kind of water bottle left on the front seat of my car from 9am till 3pm today. Literally melted,’ she wrote.

The Facebook post prompted others to post similar photos and share their experiences. One mother uploaded a photo of her child’s bike helmet that had melted while being in the car for only a few hours.


Even celebrity chef Matt Moran took to Social Media to show that you can actually COOK meat if you left it long enough in the back seat of a car on a hot day. Imagine what the heat can do to a child if it’s capable of cooking a whole piece of meat!



Photos courtesy of Instagram and Facebook.

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