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New Mum Expected to Reimburse Cost of Expensive Designer Blouse After Baby Vomit Incident

New Mum Expected to Reimburse Cost of Expensive Designer Blouse After Baby Vomit Incident

This is an interesting one, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on it. A new mum has been asked to reimburse her cousin after her baby vomited on her expensive designer blouse at a family event.

Sharing her story over on Reddit’s Am I The A-hole forum, the anonymous mum explained that she was expected to pay her cousin the cost of the £1800 (approximately $3,200 AUD) blouse and wanted to know if she were the a-hole for standing her ground and refusing.

It is generally understood that if your child damages something that belongs to someone else, you should pay to replace it. This is usually applicable when something is broken in a shop, or in a public place. You can’t expect a shop or anywhere in public to be baby-proof, after all.

But at what point does personal responsibility for an expensive item kick in?

If your child knocks over a priceless vase on the coffee table at nanna’s house, is it up to mum to pay for that? Or should nanna have had a little forethought and put it out of the child’s way before it was broken?

Commenters on the post shared similar sentiments:

“Not The A-hole. Common sense to not wear expensive clothing around newborns unless you are okay with risking this happening. She should have known better,” wrote the most upvoted answer.

“She is demanding 1800 from a woman who just had a baby?? At best you should pay for dry cleaning!” wrote another boardie.

“Wearing expensive designer shit around what is potentially a living vomit machine is one of the stupidest things you can think of to do.”

It was questioned as to whether or not Alice was forced to hold the baby against her will, but the new mum responded that it was not the case. “I didn’t try to make her hold the baby. Alice’s mum asked for a cuddle, and then Alice walked up and asked for one herself.”

Having cleared that up, the responses were united:

“You’re definitely Not The A-hole if she asked to hold the baby while wearing an £1800 blouse!

“You could have refused to let her hold your baby, but why would you do that? You’re a new mother; you’re not expected to be acting as the protector of her wardrobe. There’s no reason for you to contribute valuable diaper money to a problem she should have expected. Babies aren’t tidy, that’s all there is to it. Wear cheap clothes to cuddle them.”


What are your thoughts on this? Should this new mum have to pay for a new blouse? Or do you think she should offer to pay for it to be dry cleaned? Or do you think if Alice can afford to spend that much on a single blouse she can afford to clean it herself? Tell us what you think in the comments!


Source: Reddit/AmItheAsshole


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One thought on “New Mum Expected to Reimburse Cost of Expensive Designer Blouse After Baby Vomit Incident

  1. AvatarBlossom

    I find it hard to believe the blouse cost that much even if it is a designer label. Nobody would wear one that expensive where there is children or pets. She could just as easily have spilt food on it herself. I’m sure you could get an evening gown for that amount of money.
    She must have more money than commonsense.
    Personally I would refuse to give her the money. If the blouse is so precious why didn’t she say she was going home, then go home and soak it or spray with a suitable product then wash it.


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