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Go Ask Mum – the parenting forum for real mums, by real mums

Go Ask Mum is a parenting forum that knows mums always give the best advice! We’ve brought together the wisdom of our community of real mums and the know-how of a panel of qualified parenting experts to create the ultimate Australian parenting website.


How do I access parenting tips from Go Ask Mum?

  1. Simply register here to join the Go Ask Mum community.
  2. Browse our parenting advice categories or use the search bar to see if someone else has already found the answer to your question.
  3. Browse the Ask An Expert section to find specialist opinions on a wide range of parenting dilemmas.
  4. If you still have questions, post your concerns to the Go Ask Mum community and wait for some of that valuable motherly wisdom to come your way!

Parenting advice from a friendly online community

No matter where you live or where you are on your parenting journey, you’re welcome to join our online mothers’ group to ask questions or share your advice on everything from toilet training to baby names. Talking to people who understand what you’re going through is crucial to enjoying raising children, whether it’s questions about daily dilemmas or support for those big, life changing events. Being a parent is the most important job you’ll ever do and it’s not easy! Finding the right parenting blog or online community can save you hours of research or waiting for appointments when you need help. Log on to Go Ask Mum and join thousands of mums online who know that no matter how crazy life gets, you’re never alone!

And importantly…

• Always seek medical assistance in emergencies. Our forum is for sharing advice and experience, but it does not take the place of professional guidance. • Please exercise empathy and support for your fellow parents when commenting, even if you disagree with their opinions. We all benefit from creating a respectful parenting community.


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