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Win a Gorgeous Ruby Red Shoes Prize Pack

Ruby Red Shoes ‘A Very Aware Hare’ is a fictional hare created by Australian author Kate Knapp. This September, Ruby Red Shoes joins Australia’s largest and most recognised industry powerhouse for organics, Australian Organics in celebrating all things organic.

A national survey last year revealed that as we become more aware of the hidden nasties that can be found not only in our food and beverages but also in other products like cosmetics and clothing, more Aussies are turning to organic products.  In fact two out of three households purchased organic products in the last year.

Ruby Red Shoes connects with children about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, making her a very fitting ambassador for Australian Organic Awareness month. Joining Ruby Red Shoes as an ambassador is nutritionist and chef, Teresa Cutter aka The Healthy Chef.

“As a nation, we need to make a deeper commitment to healthy living – whether that is our own bodies or the external environment – because products containing chemicals have the ability to deplete ourselves of health and vitality.

This month is also about highlighting the accessibility and affordability of certified organic products as well as the importance of certification and looking for a trusted trademark – like the Bud logo – when purchasing organic products,’ said Cutter.

If you are interested in making the swap to organic products for your family, look for the Bud logo. It is the best way to guarantee that a product is truly organic, and now appears on most Australian certified organic products.

Win a Ruby Red Shoes Prize Pack

To celebrate Australian Organic Awareness month we have some gorgeous Ruby Red Shoes prize packs up for grabs.

First Prize includes:

  • 2 x Ruby Red Shoes melamine dining sets
  • 2018 Ruby Red Shoes diary
  • 3 x Ruby Red Shoes notebooks
  • Selection of Ruby Red Shoes greeting cards

5 x Runner up prizes:

  • Ruby Red Shoes melamine dining set

For you chance to win simply complete the entry form below.  Good luck!

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Jolene Marie Humphry

Jolene is Editor at Mum Media Group, where she enjoys writing, sharing and connecting with other like-minded women online – it also gives her the perfect excuse to ignore Mount-Washmore until it threatens to bury her family in an avalanche of Skylander T-shirts and Frozen Pyjama pants. (No one ever knows where the matching top is!) Likes: Reading, cooking, sketching, dancing (preferably with a Sav Blanc in one hand), social media, and sitting down on a toilet seat that one of her children hasn’t dripped, splashed or sprayed on. Dislikes: Writing pretentious crap about herself in online bio’s and refereeing arguments amongst her offspring.

151 thoughts on “Win a Gorgeous Ruby Red Shoes Prize Pack

  1. Avatarsharyn w

    i love that they are better for my family and better for the environment – organic products are the way mother nature intended things to be

  2. AvatarKathy Bowdlert

    I love that organic products like the Ruby Red Shoes products are safe and free of harmful chemicals for my family and our environment.

  3. AvatarKell

    Using Organic gives me the confidence that I am doing the Best for my Family …in a world full of hidden nasties it is nice to do something that is stress free.

  4. AvatarAnna

    I love that I know Whatever goes into making organic products will be natural and not harmful to my family!

  5. AvatarKarlee Marlow

    I love that organic products are free from harmful chemicals making it a safer choice for my family.

  6. AvatarCHER GLASS

    Heath. With so many different food intolerance’s and allergies in our family keeping food real and unprocessed is the only way to keep us all healthy and functioning properly.

  7. AvatarCarmel Corry

    Human footprints should just blow away in the wind. We need to leave no permanent trace behind us and that’s where organic products shine! They leave no permanent unwelcome reminders. Using only natural products means nature is left as it should be. Pure and flourishing.

  8. AvatarKate Slack

    I feel much better knowing i have made a healthier and more environmentally friendly choice.

  9. AvatarMaree Gray

    Organic products are better for my family and the environment so it’s a win-win all round

  10. AvatarSamara McRae

    I love the peace of mind that I am keeping my family healthy and not putting harmful chemicals in their bodies.

  11. AvatarMaeve Morrison

    I love organic products because it gives me confidence that I’m providing safe products for my family but also minimising the impact on our environment.

  12. AvatarKerry Kettlewell

    I love how no nasties are passed on to the little ones. Thankyou for making gorgeous organic products

  13. AvatarEllen

    That I can know wholeheartedly that these products are safe for everyone in my family. That we can enjoy them and create special memories with them without the worry!

  14. Avatarcaroline A'vard

    I like organic products, I feel they have less chemicals and more nutrients, which adds to better tasting produce.

  15. AvatarElizabeth Streten

    Australian Certified Organics provides guilt-free healthy products. They take the stress out of healthy living, assuring quality every time. With modern day-to-day pressures mounting, using trusted organics brands is the easiest decision I make for my children’s long-term well-being!

  16. AvatarToni Rowland

    I love the fact that these products are free from nasties making it great for my kids and family and environment.

  17. AvatarNadine

    Being an asthmatic I love having the knowledge that products are free of any added nasties, making it easier for me and the world to breathe.

  18. AvatarJulie Wilson

    I love organic knowing that the products are free from harmful chemicals which makes it safer for my family.

  19. AvatarMichelle Budge

    It’s so great to know that you are giving your child the best. No nasties in these products.

  20. AvatarDeb

    I love organic as I know that I’m putting healthy nutritious foods into my children’s diets 😊 Piece of mind I’m setting them on the right path

  21. AvatarDonna Spittles

    Knowing there are no nasties. We feed our children organic food to avoid the chemicals

  22. AvatarCarla Jeffery

    We love organic products because we consume less nasties and more nutrients. Buying from local organic farmers not only supports them but the
    environment too from the ground up!

  23. Avatarjulie morton

    That its a natural product from our environment with no added synthetics that can aggravate my childs skin

  24. AvatarLisa B

    Preserving our ecosystem whilst supporting the Australian economy, focusing on this socially responsible fair trade is a win win

  25. AvatarXzavia Green

    So much in life is over complicated.
    Organic to me is simplified, pure, natural and easy.
    It means I have some control over what I use, experience and put in my family’s body.
    Especially when there is so much out of our control these days.

  26. AvatarBlake haugen

    Organic products
    Are safe and free.
    From harmful products
    That can affect my family and me!
    Ruby shoes are spreading the word
    Hopefully everyone can hear,
    And organic can be heard.
    Harmful chenicals
    Are devastating
    I want the world safe
    For everyone.
    No hesitating😀

  27. AvatarAnna

    To me, organic equals purity. Products made with a conscience. When only the best will do for your family.

  28. AvatarEvie

    I love knowing that our family can do the best we can, where we can with organic products in all aspects of our lives <3

  29. AvatarAngela Betteridge

    In a time when everything we surround our family with is contaminated, it is reassuring to know that certified Organic goods will nourish my children and not damage them

  30. AvatarSonja Henderson

    Free from horrible chemicals, grown as nature intended, they are full of so much more flavour

  31. AvatarNellie Vassallo

    Harmful chemical makes bodies shoddy,
    Organic creates a wealth of health
    for me and my active family

  32. AvatarErin

    In a world full of chemicals & pollution it’s no wonder people have more allergies and health issues. Love that organic is free of chemicals and skin irritants

  33. AvatarYing Ying Tan

    Organic products gives me the assurance that they are free of nasty chemicals that will be harmful to our bodies.

  34. AvatarAmanda Giffard

    I love that organic means a guarantee of no chemical nasties, making it an easy choice for my young family and I find organic products generally last a lot longer than other more cheaply manafactured products.

  35. AvatarSamantha Dunlop

    Love that organic products are safer for my children. Free of all those nasty chemicals that we are trying to cut down on in our home.

  36. AvatarMelanie

    I prefer organic products as I know what is in my child’s food and it tastes natural and yummy.

  37. AvatarAlan Parratt

    Organic food has less bad vibrations hence are better for Spiritual and physical health. Being more in line with our natural diet organic food is better for all.

  38. AvatarVeta Lazaridis

    I love Organic products because they don’t harm our natural environment and species.

  39. AvatarJane Gardam

    I love the thought that in a small or even large way we are helping our environment to sustain a little longer for us and also the health benefits of organic products speak for themselves.

  40. AvatarNatasha Tetlow

    Being organic is knowing my family are safe from harmful chemicals, and we are reducing our own footprints on the environment as well

  41. AvatarHolly-Anne Senior

    Organic is free from “nasties” only the best should be used for our precious children. I am mindful of this with our sensitive skin!

  42. AvatarDaniela

    Better for the environment and better for every “body”. Can’t go wrong with organic 🙂

  43. AvatarLara Daebritz

    My Dad grows organic veges and those are the veges I would much prefer to give my daughter as I know exactly how and where they were grown.

  44. AvatarKori Kollmann

    That its safe and chemicals aren’t going to reappear in generations from now in negative ways.

  45. AvatarAnthea Cornish

    I love that they are chemical free
    Good for you and good for me
    Thank you Ruby Red Shoes for your contribution
    With your help there will be a solution,

  46. AvatarLaura De Nuntiis

    I want to also support organic living & live healthier lives. Teach my child the importance of it all.

  47. AvatarKylie Embury

    Naturally good for the environment,
    Naturally good for the kids and me,
    Organic offers the best chance,
    For good health and sustainability!

  48. AvatarLauren P

    I love teaching my kids about organic, and our favourite family Sunday morning trip is hunting out organic produce at our farmers market in Hobart city.

  49. AvatarHarry Cornish

    I love that they are chemical free
    organic is the way you see!
    The world surely must agree
    we need less pollutants
    in our carrots,spuds and broccoli!

  50. AvatarRenee Ballantyne

    They’re just like you would get from your own vegie patch minus the weeks and months of watering and waiting

  51. AvatarLea Anita Black

    My Daughter has become a Mummy and she has slowly gone to Organic everything…..clothes….toys….the works. I’d love this for bubs.

  52. AvatarErin Pamela Bond

    Eating organic helps keep our tummy healthy. Putting alot of preservatives and chemicals into out body is a new thing, 100s of years ago we would all been eating organic and been better for it! I feel our longevity will suffer due to all the additives

  53. AvatarLorna and Jason

    I want my kids to be able to look back on their lives when they are old and be proud of what their parents did and also taught them to do, to make the earth a better, more sustainable place for them (as well as future generations), and to give them the best opportunity at long, healthy, productive lives. Without my investment in organic today, I believe this dream of tomorrow would be far less attainable.

  54. AvatarKathy Ferguson Clark

    Organic foods are far better as less likelyhood their will be an allergic reaction

  55. AvatarTanya Applfrd

    Organic is way go, so much healthier then the other stuff you know. Ditch the processed foods on the shelf, and get stuck into the rest.

  56. AvatarJill Heard

    Labelling of product ingredients and their source has, through legislation, become a little more transparent but it doesn’t go far enough…With a family prone to allergic reactions I opt for certified organic where possible to reduce the chance of exposure to nasty chemicals …and purchase those products produced with care and concern for saving our environment.

  57. AvatarSarah Blackaby

    Nothing artificial that will cause my son to get a rash… everything else seems to give him a rash!

  58. AvatarLynne Lillington

    Knowing my family are free from chemicals, no reaction to clothing, creams , or cleaning products and especially food. Its true what they say natural is best,

  59. AvatarCallie

    Organic products don’t have all the nasty chemicals in them that were causing my 6 year old to go through early puberty!

  60. AvatarCaitlin

    We have a responsibility to nurture our bodies and using organic products is one way to do this.

  61. AvatarKelly R

    You are what you eat, that’s what they say!
    I want to teach my child that eating right is the way.
    No chemicals, keeping clean, protecting yourself all the time,
    Keep their body and mind healthy so they always shine.

  62. AvatarCatherine

    I love the plate, reminds me of old fashioned exciting plates to capture the child’s attention

  63. AvatarCeleste

    The most appealing benefits of organic in my household, are not to do with our own health. Instead, we adopt the practice under the information that organic farming is more sustainable and better for the environment.

  64. Avatartara butler

    I’m still breastfeeding so the switch to organic was a no brainer for me, I just could not stand the idea of chemicals or pesticides getting to my baby girl.

  65. AvatarShelley Chandler

    I have a new founded love for organic products. My daughter suffers from several ailments and we have found that natural products seem to be most effective, and the most easily absorbed and agree with her. We now use only organic products to improve our lives, no hidden chemicals or side effects. Just pure healthy eating and supplements which help us all feel wonderful!

  66. AvatarMelinda Bolitho

    Only the good stuff
    Real ingredients
    Good for you and your family
    Another way to live
    No hidden nasties
    Ingredients that you understand
    Creativity is in your hands

  67. AvatarCheryl Crumblin

    Organic is best as it ensure that I’m not feeding my family any nasties! It’s scary to think what chemicals are all over food these days and organic means I can keep my family safe from those chemicals!

  68. AvatarIndria Purnamasari

    I love organic food to feel my best, on my body and on my mind. And when I feel my best – anything is possible.

  69. AvatarMegan Marot

    Organic true goodness we deserve,
    the kind of food I want to serve
    to keep my family happy and healthy
    and away from any hidden nasties
    Thank you Ruby Red Shows for spreading the word
    A healthy lifestyle is preferred

  70. AvatarSarah Fairley

    Organic means free from our harmful interventions which seem to touch just about everything in our modern and misguided society

  71. AvatarKelly Arnold

    Chemical free, fresh organic food gives me assurance my family are receiving the purest nutrition possible

  72. AvatarTara Hamilton

    Whether I purchase or create my own organic foods – I feel organic foods are more likely to nurture my body, assist with maintaining energy levels for my 12 hour shifts at work, regular bowel habits, supporting smaller local companies and keeping me very aware, just like that hare Ruby!

  73. AvatarJaimi layt

    The thing I love most about Organic is that you know the product only contains the best ingredients, ethically grown and produced, with no nasties or chemicals and that it’s much safer for your children than other products

  74. AvatarBella Ri

    I love that I don’t have to worry about what my kids are eating. Organic means chemical free, preservative free foods to enjoy!

  75. AvatarRosemarie De Bari

    Nothing nasty hidden that will cause me to stress later in life that I’ve inadvertently damaged my kids! I have enough to worry about.

  76. AvatarLizzy Dowhaluk

    Try to buy as much Organic food and Health care products as we like to live a ethic lifestyle. Love supporting local home grown small businesses. We drive the food trail every weekend and we have a ball.


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