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11 Famous Mums Who Have All Boys!

They say that mother’s of little boys work from sun up till sun down! Even with all the help afforded to these celebrity mums, we believe that this also rings truth in these all boy families.

There is just something about having boys that differs from having girls. Let alone having ALL boys. It’s their energy levels! Apart from their obvious terrible aim in the bathroom. Seriously though, how hard?

Psychologists believe that when sons have close relationships with their mothers, they have a tendency to be more patient, easy going, and adaptable. They do better at school and they generally don’t feel the pressure to live up to a “macho stereotype.”

Kate Stone Lombardi, the author of THE MAMA’S BOY MYTH: Why Keeping Our Sons Close Makes Them Stronger writes:

“For generations, mothers have gotten the same old message when it comes to raising sons: beware of keeping him “too close.” A mom who nurtures a deep emotional bond with her boy will prevent him from growing up to be a strong, independent man. By refusing to cut those apron strings, she is on track to create a wimpy, dependent, maladjusted “mama’s boy.” There’s just one problem with this theory: it’s not true.

In fact, pushing boys to separate prematurely from their mothers and encouraging them to “man up” can be damaging to boys. What’s more, there are enormous benefits to a close mother-son bond, starting from the earliest days and continuing into a man’s adult years.

Read Kate’s 5 reasons why the mother-son relationship is so important here.


The following celebrity mother and son families are a beautiful blend of genetic and adopted children:


Celine Dion has three sons with René Angélil: René-Charles (born 2001) and twins Eddy and Nelson (born 2010).


Melissa Joan Hart has three sons with Mark Wilkerson: Mason Walter (born 2006), Braydon “Brady” Hart (born 2008) and Tucker McFadden (born 2012).


Amy Poehler has two sons with Will Arnett: Archibald William “Archie” Emerson (born 2008) and Abel James (born 2010).


Sheryl Crow adopted two sons as a single mother: Wyatt Steven (born 2007) and Levi James (born 2010)


Cate Blanchett has three sons with Andrew Upton: Dashiell John (born 2001), Roman Robert (born 2004), and Ignatius Martin (born 2008).


Elle Macpherson has two sons with Arpad Busson: Arpad Flynn Busson (born 1998) and Aurelius Cy Andrea Busson (born 2003).


Naomi Watts has two sons with Liev Schreiber: Alexander “Sasha” Pete (born 2007) and Samuel “Sammy” Kai (born 2008).


Gwen Stefani has three sons with Gavin Rossdale: Kingston James McGregor (born 2006), Zuma Nesta Rock (born 2008) and Apollo Bowie Flynn (born 2014).


Kate Hudson has two sons, one with Chris Robinson and one with Matthew Bellamy: Ryder Robinson (born 2004) and Bingham Hawn Bellamy (born 2011).


Pamela Anderson has two sons with Tommy Lee: Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger.


Britney Spears has two sons with Kevin Federline: Jayden James (born 2006) and Sean (born 2005).


Can you think of any other famous celebrity mums who only have sons?

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