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This Chart Tells Parents the Exact Time to Put Their Kids to Bed – Could It Work for You Too?

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This Chart Tells Parents the Exact Time to Put Their Kids to Bed – Could It Work for You Too?

It can be complicated trying to figure out what time to put your kids to bed. Send them too early and they’re up at the crack of dawn. Or send them too late and in the morning it’s like waking the dead! And when they do eventually rise, they are tired and grumpy! We can’t win! Plus the goalposts change as they grow. And what works with one child won’t work with another, and every day is different. It’s no wonder sleep is one of the biggest challenges parents face on a daily basis! It’s enough to do anyone’s head in.

A school in the US has shared a bedtime chart that is being shared by loads of parents, claiming that it is spot on. It helps parents know when their little ones should be going to sleep for optimum health.

The chart is very easy-to-follow and offers a clear guide – you simply cross-reference the age of your child with the time they need to wake up, and hey presto, you have the appropriate bedtime.

Created by Wilson Elementary School in Wisconsin, it’s been a huge success with parents, having been shared over 430,000 times on Facebook.

Although the chart was originally posted a couple of years ago, it continues to be shared today.

We’ve always had the “quiet time” rule, where our children go to bed at 7:30pm every night, and are allowed to read, colour or play Reading Eggs on their devices until 8:30pm when it’s time for lights out. They often ask to be tucked in earlier than 8:30, so everybody gets as much rest (and sanity-reviving alone time) as they need. As our children are aged 6 to 12, I can see by the chart that they are getting enough sleep, although it looks like our 12 year old might be getting an earlier bedtime than necessary. Should I tell her? Maybe not just yet…


What do you think? Are your children getting enough sleep according to this chart?


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