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Mum Left Mortified After Her Daughter Wore a Vibrating Sex Ring to School and Gave It to a Friend

As a parent, one of our underlying fears is that one of our children will share something inappropriate at school. While most of us don’t have too shocking a private life, we don’t exactly want our little peculiarities and oddities gossiped about by ten-year-olds in the schoolyard, do we?

Even worse is when our children opt to bring souvenirs into the classroom that should have definitely been left behind closed doors, as this mum will surely attest.

We can only imagine the horror of opening up her text messages to see the following :

Oh wow… that ring looks rather, um, how shall we put it? Well worn? Either she’s had it on all day or it has seen a lot of use.

Either way, yikes!

How on earth could you respond to something like that and manage to keep your cool? We’re happy to report that both mums handled the situation with grace and good humour.

Hold on, we didn’t even think of show and tell! This child could have been the talk of the whole school!

We’re still giggling that the mum on the receiving end of the vibrating sex ring had it neatly placed on a paper towel so as not to touch anything. She probably gave her child a full scrub down with hand sanitiser after getting it off her little finger!

The images were shared on Facebook, much to the delight of other parents who could definitely relate to the sexy mistake.

“My son came out when he was two waving my dildo around like a sword,” another mum shared. “Kids do crazy shit!”

“I have a golden retriever that likes to carry things to visitors to get attention. He brought our vibrator to the door to greet our neighbour,” responded another commenter.

We can only thank our lucky stars that this sort of thing hasn’t happened to us… yet!



Source: Facebook




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