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Mum Sets up ‘Genius’ Indoor Cycle Studio to Keep Daughters Active While off School

Mum Sets up ‘Genius’ Indoor Cycle Studio to Keep Daughters Active While off School

As Stage 3 lockdowns are beginning to come into force across Australia, we are all trying to stay positive and healthy within our own homes to keep our families safe from the Coronavirus pandemic. A lot of us don’t have big backyards and driveways for our children to play in, and while we are still permitted to take a walk outside to exercise, it is undoubtedly better for those in metropolitan areas to stay indoors.

This is where this mum’s genius indoor cycle studio idea comes into play!

Tracy Juliano, a mother-of-two from America, shared the fitness trick on social media by posting a video of her children enjoying the home spin class, and now parents around the world are racing to recreate it.

All you need is a child’s bike with training wheels attached and a couple of sturdy rubber-soled shoes!


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Sharing the bright idea on social media, which has been viewed over 6.5 million times, she wrote: “Today’s activity. Homemade kids Peloton bikes!”

The savvy mum placed her children’s bikes in front of her television and played a youtube video of a Peloton spin class for them to follow.

Social media users branded the workout idea as “genius” and “amazing”, confessing they were going to recreate her brilliant idea for their own children.

One parent wrote: “You saved our household tonight. I saw your post, ran out to the garage to get my 3-year old’s bike, threw the training wheels into my crocs, and together we rode Cody’s 30-minute pop ride.”

A second said: “Genius! Can’t wait to try it with my boys!”

“Okay, you’re amazing for thinking of this! I am so pumped to try this with my babes,” added a third.

While a fourth gushed: “Omg. Love Everything about this.”

Will you give this a try with your children?


Source: Instagram/Tracy Juliano


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