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Mums Get Their Body Back with the Mummy Makeover

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Mums Get Their Body Back with the Mummy Makeover

It does not need to be said that getting your body back after having children is extremely difficult. While some mums are lucky, most of us end up with some post-pregnancy changes we find hard to accept. While some of these problems can be solved with exercise and a healthy lifestyle, a new phenomenon in the world of cosmetic surgery delivers another solution in the form of the Mummy Makeover. Find out what the Mummy Makeover is and what you can expect!

What Is a Mummy Makeover?

The Mummy Makeover is an umbrella term used to describe all cosmetic procedures that could be obtained by a woman who had one or several children. They are treatments focussed on reshaping the body; this may include the removal of excess skin, lifting of the breasts, and even restoring the stomach muscles that were separated during pregnancy or c-section.

The Mummy Tummy

One of the most common problems mums face after their pregnancy is the so-called mummy tummy. In many cases, the abdomen simply does not respond to diet and exercise. Women can be left with small folds of excess skin, making it nearly impossible to obtain their desired shape.

Sagging Breasts

In addition to the mummy tummy, another problem that could be addressed during the so-called Mummy Makeover is a loss of volume in the breasts. With the breasts increasing in size quickly during pregnancy, and breastfeeding after that, it is certainly not uncommon for the breasts to start sagging. Some women even experience a loss of breast volume after the breastfeeding stage.

Different Bodies, Different Needs

As with all cosmetic procedures, it is important to realise that there is no “one treatment fits all” solution. Every woman is unique; this means that the body can change in its own unique way during a pregnancy. It can also react differently to exercise and diet after the pregnancy.

Cosmetic surgeons do not recommend getting a Mummy Makeover too closely after your pregnancy; this has much to do with the fact the body will change for many months post-pregnancy. Only when the mum in question has completely recovered can such a procedure be considered.

Breast Implants and Breastfeeding

When considering a breast lift, some patients are considering breast implants, which could be a part of the Mummy Makeover procedure. Of course, some mums may still be planning on breastfeeding in the future, so it is only natural they have some concerns about being able to breastfeed after a procedure like this.

Most women who have breast implants have no problems breastfeeding after the treatment. That being said, there is no absolute guarantee that you will not encounter problems whatsoever. As is the case with all cosmetic surgery procedures, there is always some degree of risk involved. If you are concerned about your ability to breastfeed post-surgery, always speak to your cosmetic surgeon; this way you can determine the risks as well as the benefits.


Most Mummy Makeovers can entail several procedures, so mums who are considering such a treatment should be aware of the recovery time. For example, if you are looking to eliminate excess skin as well as lift the breasts, you may require a considerate amount of time off work.

Mums who have a minor procedure could be able to leave the clinic on the day of their procedure. However, most mums who have several might be required to stay in for a couple of days.

There are also special guidelines mums must follow after their procedure; this could involve wearing a compression garment, avoiding strenuous physical activity, and more. Before going ahead with any procedure like this, it is important to speak to your cosmetic surgeon and get a full understanding of everything that is involved in the procedure as well as the aftercare.

Choose an Experienced Surgeon

Once you weighed up all the pros and cons and decide you might be interested in obtaining a Mummy Makeover, it is vital to choose an experienced surgeon who has executed this procedure before. It could even be best to choose a surgeon with extensive knowledge on skin health as well, so an experienced surgeon-dermatologist such as Dr Daniel Lanzer– a well-known Australian cosmetic surgeon with clinics in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney – could be the best option.

All surgery has risks, Dr Lanzer recommends attaining a second opinion when undergoing surgical procedures.

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