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These ‘Elf on the Shelf’ Cheat Sheets Are Going to Save You This Christmas! {2018 Edition}

These ‘Elf on the Shelf’ Cheat Sheets Are Going to Save You This Christmas! {2018 Edition}

It’s almost that time of year again, folks! The time that the devious little elf shows up ready to cause loads of mischievous magic every morning throughout December.

But how hard is it to come up with a different scenario each day? Maybe we can nail it for the first week or so, but as the days go on it becomes harder and harder to think up new ways for your Elf to delight your children with his daily shenanigans.

Well never fear, for your good friends at Go Ask Mum have done some of the hard work for you! We’ve compiled a selection of the internet’s very best Elf-wranglers to lend a hand. Because the last thing we need is more stress at this hectic time of year, right?

Last year we helped many a frazzled parent with creatively arranging their Elf on the Shelf in the days leading up to Christmas with a bunch of cheat sheets designed to relieve some of the pressure that the naughty little guy brings.

We couldn’t very well leave you hanging this year, could we? That would be rather mean. So, here is another selection of cheat sheets and ideas to help make your family’s Christmas special. We’ve even found an awesome planner for you to print and prepare your elf’s devilish escapades to enjoy a less-stressful December!







And don’t forget the collection of cheat sheets we brought you last year, including the very popular Slacker Edition! You’ll have this dastardly little imp sorted out in no time!


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